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March 17, 2017 6:42 pm  #1

Reaction videoes

I'm a big fan of reaction videoes. That means people watching an episode/movie for the first time while filming it and putting it up on YouTube. In a Sherlock context, I just think it's incredibly entertaining to watch how other people react to these vidoes for the first time. 

I will post my favorite ones here. If you know of anyone else, please post them in this thread as I would love to see even more.

ChiqueGeeks - I have posted a separateC thread about these before. Two Norwegian girls (speaking English, of course). They have drunken reaction videoes for S3 and S4, including the specials.

Caroline Lie - Also Norwegian (I swear it's by accident, I don't go looking up Norwegians even though I'm Norwegian myself). Does some very cute reactions to S4, and she has some very good deductions going on, often having a hunch about what's about to happen before it does.

The Normies - An American-Indian/Pakistani couple (I don't mean to be offensive, I honestly can't separate the two, ethnicitiy-wise. But I think it's awesome to see other ethnicities being Sherlockians) who have various kind of visitors in their reaction. They are really entertaining to watch, proper geeks and Holmesians. (And it's the most awesome thing when the guy of the couple goes "I ship them" during the TLD-hug

The Torchwood Boy - This guy has reactions videoes for the entire series, I have only seen S4 so far myself. He's hilarious and really cute. Love his reactions!

And I swear - all of the above are worth watching for the "I want to break free!"-Moriarty reaction alone!

Keep 'em coming if you know about anyone else worth checking out!

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