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January 18, 2017 10:36 pm  #1

Game, Set, and Match

I'll put one in here and show my age.

In 1988 there was a mini-series from the UK called Game, Set, and Match starring Ian Holm.  13 episodes. Based on the books by mystery writer (among other types of things) Len Deighton. It concerned MI6 in cold war Berlin, London, and a few international locales. It was broadcast just a few months before the Berlin wall came down

It had been broadcast in the UK one time.  It ended up being shown in the U.S. on the PBS Mystery! program one time as well.  And then it went into the vault never to be broadcast again.  I claim no foresight, but only good luck that I taped it all for my viewing when it aired on PBS. I ended up wearing out the tape. (VHS - told you I would show my age.) When the internet reared its ugly head I looked for a copy. Certain that there had to be a commercial tape available to the public somewhere, made sometime.  No such luck.

I later heard that the author of the books, Len Deighton, hated the production and evidently had some right to shelve it if he disapproved.  Frankly, I don't see the objections and put it down to finicky authors.  It is filmed story-telling at its finest.

Probably don't need to tell this forum, but the lead actor Ian Holm is old Bilbo in LOTR and The Hobbit. Too many other productions in a long career to mention. Brilliant actor. Won BAFTA for this production. 

Well, you can find bootleg copies and over the years I have collected a few of those -- at outrageous prices. When digitization was available I put the remainders of my home copy in digital format -- and it is still my best copy, the bootlegs lacking some quality.

I watch it about once a year and drink some German beer while watching it.

I know this is not a recent production, but I did not see any rules requiring an entry to be a current TV production.  I have favorites being broadcast, but I share this with a lot of people.

Oh, and last time I checked you can now watch the whole thing on Youtube, though I don't think the copy is very good that is posted.  Mine is better.

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