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January 12, 2016 1:19 pm  #1

how Sherlock's MP inverts some things...

like a true mirror, actually. I mean that while there may be important similarities and parallels between present-day reality and Victorian imagination, some mind palace details are exactly the opposite from RL. There might be more, but the two salient ones seemed to me to be that:

while in RL, Sherlock jokes about being John's (and Mary's) child (in TSoT), here it's John that's ironically referred to as Sherlock's child (once in the Boswell line and once in the morgue); and

in RL it's John who correctly recognizes Mary by her perfume, and Sherlock who is wrong about it (HLV), but here it's the other way round.

Molly being hostile (not to mention male) could come under the same header maybe.

That reversal theme is sort of nice and important and confusing all at once and seems to mean that we should not jump to real life conclusions based on MP data. So it does not follow that in reality Mary works for Mycroft, or that Watsons' marriage resembles that of their Victorian counterparts, or that there will or won't be Moriarty twins. (I hope there won't).

I just read through 38 pages of the main TAB thread to see if you guys have mentioned this, but I could have missed it, sorry if I did.

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