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October 4, 2015 2:45 am  #1

My sherlock and irene adler poem

A camera phoneAnd stunning red lips34 inches is the width of my hips A deduction it wasAs he managed to seeThen I said, "I'm flattered" and he said "Don't be". He gave me his coat,As I must confess,The first time we met, I was in my battle dress. Every time that I text,I put Mrs Hudson in strifeAs she scolds Sherlock, "at my time of life!". I texted him many timesI was the winnerAs I messaged to him, "I'm sad, let's have dinner". She loves to play games,Hmmm, let me see.Is the password 221b? In a red boxI sent him my phoneBut rest assured, it wasn't a loan I needed to disappear I needed to die,But John now knows that I am alive. I slept on his bed,They made duplicates of my phone,But that camera phone is my life, i know which one i own 1058He puts the number inLittle does he know that i have tricked him I unlock my real phone,And show him a code,Suddenly he plunges into deduction mode Desperate to show off,He tells the info to me,Which I then text to Moriar-ty I love to play the game,It gives me such joysAnd I have been told how to play the Holmes boys With a grimace, Mycroft says"Nicely done"" No" says his brother "The game's not yet won" He takes the phone in his hand"Sentiment is found on the losing side"He says to me, staring, wide eyed He begins to study it"What are you talking about?"But my smirk begins to turn to a pout "You" he says"Dear God, poor man"He must think that he's got a fan Tears begin to wellHe has seen through my facade.And my emotions can no longer be jarred. A tear falls From my eye"I was just playing the game" I sigh Stepping up closeHe says with feeling,"I know. And this, this is just losing". He shows me the screen,My heart feels mocked,As the password shows up  "I am Sher-locked" "You're right, everything I've said is false""And I know you're in love with me.......Because I took your pulse".

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