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July 25, 2015 8:03 pm  #41

Re: Why isn't Sherlock jealous of Mary?

RavenMorganLeigh wrote:

Something else to consider-- looking at this situation from a guy's point of view-- well, think of guys in a band that they're really, really dedicated to. (And, I get this from experience, I'm a the only woman in a Gothic/Industrial band I've been playing in for the last 15 years) Guys will NOT give up their band for a woman they are not real serious about, and what's more-- if the woman tries to put limits on their band involvement-- that's going to cause the guy to break up with them. So, a lot of women who date guys in bands end up calling themselves "band widows". Bands eat up a LOT of your time with practices several nights a week, gigs that keep you out till 2-3AM in the morning, you hob-nob with lots of people in bars  (the office) and some of those folks are very attractive women, you go on tour and are gone for weeks-- sometimes months at a time-- and there's all those band meetings, and working on your craft alone--etc, etc, ....

That's kind of what Sherlock's and John's relationship is like at its most platonic. Add to that the life-and-death element, and the fact that they really do care deeply for one another-- well, that's a lot for a woman to compete with.  And John's "moving on" reminds me of the person who decides to give up art or music, and "gow up" and "get a real job" and live according to the expectations of "normal people". Which he is most assuredly-- not. 

So, jealousy-- maybe it's more of of a sense of loss-- Sherlock's lost his partner! And it's very hard to find someone you can groove with. :-)

Hey, this is quite a good explanation that satisfies me :-). Thank you! So, basically, Sherlock is kind of jealous, or rather said, affected by John's marriage with Mary. But he doesn't show jealous behaviour but kind of sad acceptance of the things to come.

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