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May 7, 2012 8:45 am  #1

Manchester Meet Up - Photos & Review (6th May)

I met up with Jo (Anthea) at 11:45am. I dressed as Sherlock and she as Mycroft, then we made our way over to Piccadilly Station to meet with the rest of the group just after 12pm. There were around 10 of us in total. We were the only two who'd really dressed up but there was a girl there who'd gone for a bit of a Jim look with a skull scarf, which was nice. There's nothing really Sherlockian in Manchester so we basically just hung out together.

First place we went to was the Arndale Shopping Centre and found a coffee shop. We stuck a load of tables together and all had coffee or tea. We sat for about an hour chatting, then walked to The Forbidden Planet, a cool shop that sells loads of sci-fi collectables, comic books, toys and so on. Then on to Affleck's Palace, a five floor alternative shopping centre with unusual clothes and artefacts. Then we went back to the Arndale and walked round Waterstones (book shop), in particular looking at the Sherlock Holmes section and trying to find any other books that had any SH significance, such as the following amusing items...

Jim Moriarty's diary

Next, a short look round the Disney Store before finally heading on to the Food Courts where we all sat down and had more coffee and some people got something to eat. We cracked open the scones and jam, and I got out my cuddly hedgehog which had been my Jawwn for day and he enjoyed some jam...

Finally, this picture just about sums us all up. This is what happens on a Sherlock meet up...can't stay away from our phones...

It was a really fun day and great to meet other Sherlockians. Looking forward to the next one!

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