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June 20, 2015 1:47 pm  #1

Is Sherlock curly like Hornung's Raffles?

"Again I see him, leaning back in one of the luxurious chairs with which his room was furnished. I see his indolent, athletic figure; his pale, sharp, clean-shaven features; his curly black hair; his strong, unscrupulous mouth. And again I feel the clear beam of his wonderful eye, cold and luminous as a star, shining into my brain—sifting the very secrets of my heart."

They eye cold and luminous as a star and shining into Bunny's brain, is already suggestive, but black curly hair? I'm only beginning to read E. W. Hornung's "The Amateur Cracksman", but it seems to be set as about the same time as Doyle's Sherlock Holmes texts, when men would generally have hair smoothed by pomade, no? So curly hair is memorable. Do you think that Raffles has influenced our Sherlock's look?


June 20, 2015 7:12 pm  #2

Re: Is Sherlock curly like Hornung's Raffles?

Interesting. I have no idea whether it influenced Sherlock or not, but I can see how this description would remind you of him.

Clueing for looks.

July 25, 2015 7:24 pm  #3

Re: Is Sherlock curly like Hornung's Raffles?

Hornung became Doyle's brother in law so he wrote his Raffles to be near to the opposite of Holmes to be original.

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