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May 27, 2015 7:22 pm  #1

Marie Claire photoshoot - BC and Jamie Bamber

Here's an past video I found today on Youtube of a Marie Claire photoshoot with Jamie Bamber, Benedict Cumberbatch and a lady who I am not familiar with. 

I was especially glad to see it because of all the current British actors out there my two absolute favourites are BC and JB.  Bamber I have loved to see in action ever since his Horatio Hornblower days (the last thing I saw him in was the short lived series The Smoke). 

The woman who was in the vid seemed really pleased with the company she was in!! 


Sorry: I thought I had better add that I checked the video again and the lady's name is Jamie Winstone.  She apparently (according to Wikipedia) has done a number of films, TV shows and some theatre as well but nothing too huge.  I love her voice - it's really cheeky sounding. 


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