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May 11, 2015 2:35 pm  #1

Notes from the Inside - James Rhodes

Didn't know if I should post this in here or in the TV Programmes thread. 

But anyway, we watched it last night on TVO (the Ontario Gov. Public TV station).  Fascinating. 

Rhodes was at his introspective best and WOW! the way he played the piano!!!  Has anyone else seen this?

It is very emotional with JR talking to the patients at one of Britain's largest psychiatric hospitals (where he was a patient himself at one time).  But not only talking, he selected specific pieces on the piano to play for the folks he met, hoping that the music he selected would connect with them in that special way that classical music connected to him when he was at his lowest in psychological terms. 

I don't think it worked out the way he wanted it too but it is extremely interesting to see him make the earnest attempt to bridge their pain with music.  And t see Rhodes work his way through his own history of pain and disconnect to emerge stronger is remarkable. 

Even if the music angle didn't connect in the way he wanted to, he definitely was relatable to their pain and guilt and they seemed genuinely moved by this (and it helped them open up and discuss things that were very intimate and intense). 

Remarkable man.  And talented.  If you haven't seen this programme and you have the opportunity to - I heartily recommend it.


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