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January 25, 2015 11:37 pm  #1

What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

I don't know really how to phrase this... I'm just interested:

Are you rather the type to have big, obvious stuff like T-Shirts with large Sherlock print or 221b motif, or big bags, or like dressing up in Sherlock style? And do you have big posters in the room, wallpaper and cushions...?

Or are you the small-hidden-accesoires-type? With little earrings others might discover but might also overlook (their loss), or have little patches somewhere, or very specific quotes on your clothes that only a Sherlockian will understand?

And what kind of merchandise do you like best or would you wish for? What is it that you would desperately want but it's not there yet?

I'm curious about this :-)

I like the smaller, hidden things when being in public... like earrings, a necklace, a red buttonhole on my coat etc, but I like big pictures and lots of obvious stuff for my room :-) And mugs! Mugs are great!!

What I would love to have would be bed linen / sheets (which is the correct expression?) in union jack colours with tiny sherlock quotes all over it so I would have something to read when having difficulty to fall asleep. Or to have the scripts printed on them. Or even the canon stories.
Also I would like to have a Sherlock clock, where each hour shows a different thing to do (like "crime time", "food!", "being lazy on the sofa", "annoy lestrade", "humour john", "experiment in the kitchen" etc.)... or it could also be something similar to the Weasleys clock in Harry Potter, indicating what's going on :-)
Oh, and a box with the writing "secret supply" on it.

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April 30, 2015 6:11 pm  #2

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

Personally I dont have very much merchandise (not that I dont love the show) but I would tend to go for T-shirts that i can wear in the privacy of my own home and maybe make ome friends in public who also happen to be fans :D Oh, i do have an Obsessive Cumberbatch Disorder tshirt :D i also have some wristbands with sherlock stuff on them, and in my room i have the sherlock and the benny calenders :D My sister bought me a sherlock pillow for my birthdya so i have that on my bed which says 'baker street. come at once if convenient' with a picture of sherlock on it :D i also have small pictures from newspaper articles and the internet stuck up around my room, and i tend to write quotes on my arm that only a sherlockian would understand. oh yes i also have the baker street sign in my room, and because of sherlock i have introduced myself to the london tube map theme, so i have bed sheets of it and notebooks and folders and a pencilcase in this theme i would really love to buy some more tshirts and jewellry sherlock-based. 

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April 30, 2015 6:48 pm  #3

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

I like a lot of stuff, but it depends on what it is. When it comes to clothes or handbags, I prefer stuff that is geeky, but that can also be happily overlooked. I have a Harry Potter t-shirt that no one would know is Harry Potter, probably not even fans, unless they looked really closely. I would never want a t-shirt that spelled HARRY POTTER in big letters or had a pic of Dan Radcliffe or something. 

For Sherlock, I have a "I am Sherlocked"-mug. I really like that one. I was not interested in the mugs that had pics of Ben on it. I might be getting too old, but it's too fangirly for me, I would be embarrased to use it in front of anyone. 

I also have a Platfrom 9-and-three-quarters ticket key chain that is actually quite classy and beautiful.

So, yeah, I prefer the stuff that is geeky, but can be worn/used in everyday. Might be my age.

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April 30, 2015 7:04 pm  #4

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

I am a giant Geek.  I love fan stuff and don't care who sees it.  I have Star Wars, Sherlock and Disney stuff on my desk at work.  I also have my Sherlock calendar at work.  I'm such a geek that my husband is just as likely to surprise me with an action figure as he is to bring home flowers.  :-)

I have t-shirts from several fandoms and enjoy wearing them. Not so much into posters now that I'm older but I do have a couple. 

So, books, bobble heads, neckleces, shirts, action figures, toys.  It all makes me happy. 

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April 30, 2015 7:23 pm  #5

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

I personally buy just about anything BBC Sherlock related I can find. I think at this point I have about 17 shirts and a hoodie clothing wise, 4 posters in my bedroom (much to my husband's dismay), and various other products.

I work at a Hot Topic store and recently they finally acquired rights to sell official BBC Sherlock merchandise so of course I buy everything that comes through. We have lots of buttons, lanyards, shirts, tumblers, pint glasses, shirts, journals, so on and so forth. No mugs yet, I would love to see one of those.

I too would love to see a Sherlock bed set of some sort.

I could have sworn I read somewhere that they would be doing some of those blind box mini figurines in September too. Very excited for those if it turns out to be true.


May 4, 2015 5:49 pm  #6

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

My, you should see my collection of mugs... I personally love the one BBC Shop has issued -and almost regret not drinking coffee, I would have bought the set, too.
Although I do enjoy collecting items, I am more into smaller things -granted, John and Sherlock Big Chief Studios figures are not that small- but there's only so much keyrings you can have. Unless you live in a castle and have a huge number of locked rooms. I am not so much into jewellery, but I know that if someday one catches my eye, I will jump on the occasion.
As for t-shirts and hoodies...well, that's for when I'm at home -I don't want my students to ever think of me as "not their teacher". I wish they'd make long-sleeved t-shirts, though.

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September 24, 2015 11:17 pm  #7

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

Recently I just got a 221b key, an "I Am Sherlocked" mug, four Sherlock buttons and a deerstalker. 
Needless to say, I am pretty happy. 

I wear the key pretty much every day, but only those who know Sherlock recognize what the "221" stands for. Personally, I like the little, subtle accessories/merchandise that only real fans would recognize as being related to Sherlock Holmes. Feels kind of like a badge belonging to a secret society, lol. 


September 25, 2015 1:11 am  #8

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

Secret society...I like that, even though in such a big well-known fandom it can be hard to see it that way.  Although that's kind of what this forum feels like for me in a way, since it's a smaller community than the Internet at large.

Since I haven't answered the question this topic asks for myself, I will say that while I haven't collected any Sherlock-related stuff yet, I like posters (provided I like the chosen picture and design), but I also like stationary.  I like stuff that has a function.  I like mugs, but at home with my family we already have plenty of mugs and I already have a mug with the Hogwarts house crests that I use for pens and things on my desk at school, so I think I have enough, even though I could be tempted.  I'm with Lily, little things like keychains are alright, but there's a limit to how many you can have if you don't have a lot of keys or things to put on it.
Phone cases are cool, provided you have a phone that they make a case for, but those are also expensive and have the potential of getting quite banged up if you aren't gentle on your phone.  I don't have one for my phone, anyway, even though I've admired the phone cases of others.
Tee shirts are nice if they have a good design, but I already have enough shirts.

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September 26, 2015 7:31 pm  #9

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

I am a difficult customer. Everytime I see something I think: "I could do this myself".

I have the stuff from the Con, the autoghraphs and photos, but only few are displayed in my bedroom, and the only item I bought there was the credit card holder.

I like the non obvious items, which only insiders would recognize.
For now I have two big, selfmade prints, one of them is the pic of Sherlock's shadow in the 221b door, which hangs on my door, the other is an attempt on recreating the mirror from the living room. They are not obvious and (didn't really turned out that great), but people would ask, so they stay where they are because I don't usually have guests. I put a "My Apple-dore" sticker on my laptop, once, but it got destroyed very quickly. Made a pair of earrings and a pendant with the wallpaper rose/lily/whatever for the con. T-shirts? Prefer to design them than to wear - it's a matter of age and... well, size. Don't like clothing that draws attention. But may consider make the buttonholes red on my jacket and coat.

PS. The fandom might be huge, but I have doubts if it is so well known. Fandoms are like Tardis(es) - huge inside, but from outside hardly visible. I had no idea about the fandom until I joined.


September 26, 2015 7:34 pm  #10

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

Interesting you say that.  I was at least partly aware of it before I was a part of it, but then again, I did have Tumblr which might make a difference.

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September 26, 2015 8:12 pm  #11

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

This also applies to the other fandoms/communities I'm involved with. I suppose last year in Cracow/Poland even the organizers hugely underestimated the amount of people wanting to see BC, to the point he was concerned about security (the fans', not his own).
On the other hand I would say that in my corner of the woods people on the street may not be aware of the show, not to mention it's fans - and they would probably would ask: Cumber-what? if you ask about Ben.

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September 27, 2015 10:20 am  #12

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

myrindaside wrote:

I too would love to see a Sherlock bed set of some sort.


October 14, 2015 9:59 am  #13

Re: What kind of fan articles / merchandise do you like best?

I popped into the Sherlock Holmes museum shop(as usual) on this recent London vist and picked up some great new BBC Sherlock badges and stickers that I hadn't seen before.


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