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August 17, 2014 12:07 am  #1

Sherlock cosplayers!

I've noticed that there isn't a category dedicated to cosplay, and especifically a thread about members who cosplay Sherlock, so I thought about starting one. *mods, feel free to move this if it belongs elsewhere*

So do you, have you, or would you want to cosplay Sherlock? Genderbent or crossplay, show me your cosplay pics!

I've been cosplaying Sherlock for nearly a year, and I love it. Sherlock is the character I identify the most with (minus the deductions and the Mind Palace, and most of the tactless behaviour xD), and we happen to have a similar style as well, so that'd explain why I feel so comfortable when cosplaying him - I love his kind of suits, wear a lot of black and purple, and since adquiring a coat replica last December (the CosplaySky one), I've made it my day-to-day Winter coat (and walking in the city has never been so cool :D). 
I usually go for a more femlock approach, given that I've not tried cosplaying Sherlock with a wig yet, and my hair is pretty long (I normally keep it bunned or half-up, half-down). But I'd like to attempt crossplay as well. Also, I'd like to get some colour-contacts for a future shoot.
I publish my cosplay shots on DeviantArt  (we did a London locations shoot earlier this month, but haven't uploaded those yet).
And here is a pic overload, I'm afraid. Sorry for the huge pics, it's DeviantArt's fault xD. Please feel free to post lots of pic overloads of your own!








August 27, 2014 10:21 am  #2

Re: Sherlock cosplayers!

Well, John Watson may not be but you surely are a pretty lady, Arwendel.

I'm glad God made me short and curvy bordering on roundish or I would be VERY tempted to get a coat like that, too. But as it is, I would look like one of Bilbo Baggins' dwarf friends rather than like John Watson's detective friend in one of those. Better leave that sort of thing to people with your physique.

Where did you get the scarf? The way I work and live, there's no chance for me for true full-blown cosplay, ever, but I enjoy subtle touches of it that people won't notice for what they really are, and a scarf like that would be a really nice...

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August 27, 2014 12:09 pm  #3

Re: Sherlock cosplayers!

Great looking pics!

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August 31, 2014 2:56 pm  #4

Re: Sherlock cosplayers!

Thank you so much !!

@La Jolie I got the thicker one in Zara, and the other one at another local shop which was unfortunately closed. I also find it pretty hard finding one that looks Sherlock-accuratelocally, but I think they sell some replicas in certain cosplay stores (like cosplaysky, if I remember correctly. Or maybe Amazon or Ebay).
Btw, I firmly believe that cosplay is for everyone, disregardless or sex, race and body type, so definitely give Sherlock a go if you ever feel like it in the future ! Don't let things such as body type hold you off! For example, I love Captain America, and I'm definitely cosplaying him even if my ohysique doesn't fit at all xD. Or Ten, even if I don't look anywhere near David Tennant

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August 31, 2014 8:21 pm  #5

Re: Sherlock cosplayers!

ArwendeLuhtiene wrote:

Btw, I firmly believe that cosplay is for everyone, disregardless of sex, race and body type, so definitely give Sherlock a go if you ever feel like it in the future !

That's kind of you to say, Arwendel.

Well, the main point for me really is not only that I'd look weird in that coat, but that there is just no longer any way for me in real life to cosplay in public, or even at home. I used to do it in my student days - you know, went to the LOTR premieres dressed up as a hobbit, barefoot, in December! and not worried for a moment what people would think. Rather enjoyed the attention, to be honest.

But now - no. My husband is a wonderful man but this is something he simply would not understand, so I prefer not to unsettle him. And my kids are too young to understand why it might be fun, though I'll encourage them to do it once they're old enough. And in public - unthinkable. I work in a job where I have to be really, really careful about preserving an adequate public image. I would be in danger of damaging not only myself but also the institution I work for if I were to engage publicly in what would be viewed as crazy obsessive fandom activities.

So sadly, my cosplaying days are over, and all I can do is envy you.

And what I do, too, is mimicking not the clothes but some of the mannerisms of a character. That's inconspicuous too, but still good fun. I love quoting my favourite lines when they fit into a real life conversation, and grin inwardly when nobody notices. I have not yet started over-pronouncing my end consonants, though.

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August 31, 2014 10:14 pm  #6

Re: Sherlock cosplayers!

What about cosplay conventions, ComicCon style, or random geeky events (like geeky groups, premières, etc)? I do wear my Sherlock coat in public because it's a 21st Century cosplay after all and it doesn't clash much, but I can't cosplay anywhere else either (as much as I'd wish to go out in long medieval dresses and leather jerkins, life is so unfair xD).  The work aspect is of course totally understandable, but there are still a handful of situations when you could cosplay if you so wished  

Also, it's not my intention to meddle in any private affairs, and I mean no offense, but in my respectful opinion I find it rather unfair that you would feel the need to stop from doing something you like just because your husband doesn't like it/wouldn't uderstand it. It's your life! You're entitled to like and do something he doesn't. It's all about what makes us happy, I think, as long as we don't hurt anyone, and cosplaying has never hurt anyone, that I know of
 Not trying to enable, just saying that there shouldn't be a time when you can 'no longer do something' just because you're in a relationship/have a family/...My mum and I cosplay together, and my dad is not into cosplaying, and actually finds it 'weird' and 'a waste of time and money'. But it's his opinion, not ours, and he doesn't actively try to make us stop, nor is he entitled to. Just my two feminist cents  

I love quoting Sherlock as well! Especially when I'm bashing Internet trolls, muahaha xD


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