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June 16, 2014 1:02 pm  #1

my sherlock poem


                    Sherlock is a great detective
                    He's a really good superslueth
                    No matter what you hide from him
                    He'll alwsys find the truth ,
                    He's like a reallife sniffer dog
                    Always hunting for clues to be found
                    You'll never fool the sherlock
                     As he's the best detective around ,
                     He never rests from morn til night
                     As he does'nt like being outsmarted
                     Always putting the pieces together
                     Always finishing what he started ,
                     He keeps saying he's only got one friend
                     But is it really just the one ?
                     & who could that friend really be
                     is it his brother or molly or john ? ,
                     Now our sherlock is'nt a drinker
                     He likes to keep a clear head, you see
                     He likes to be in control of his mind
                     So our sherlock only drinks tea ,
                     & he does'nt like showing his emotions
                     He tries to keep his feelings suppressed
                     He sees it as a sign of weakness
                     & that"s why he always looked depressed ,
                     But the one thing you can't take away from
                      Is that he's a very good detective indeed
                       So if you ever want help with a big problem
                       Sherlock holmes is the man you need .

Your thinking too loud , shut up ,  i need to go to my mind palace.

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