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May 15, 2014 9:52 am  #1

Goethe in SH Bedroom/Skull theory

So the statue in Sherlocks bedroom is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe..

A nod to canon ACD..has Holmes @ Goethe moments ..

A remarkable and important man of his time (1749-1842)  with an extraordinary intellect. He did some very important science..and asked more important questions.. and likely influenced Darwin..Tesla..Mozart...Nietzche..Darwin...@ Mofftiss in dr who ..etc
As well as being an anantomist..a poet...a writer..and all round renaissance man...
His and maybe the first bestselling German novel..was a love triangle..where a man pines to the point of madness over a love for a married woman...then commits suicide....blowing out his brains....The sorrows of young Werther

..and then there's Faust....goodvevil...godvthedevil...and boredom for clever people and the deal/bet to shake hands in hell with the devil...signed in blood.
ACD in TSO4 Holmes refers to Goethes Faust...and later again on nature.

Interestingly Goethe had a problem with religeon and struggled with it throughout his life...towards the end he believed a sort of man could become like gods I think Sherlock perhaps trys to be.
I also notice that a  few lines of Sherlocks seem to be very similar to paraphrased Goethe quotes...

Love is a chemical defect..... is almost the synopses of Goethes book Elective Affinites
This theorises all sentiments are chemical reactions in the brain..that this theory could be tested if.. mr a..leaves mrs a and mrs x leaves mr x..never to return...mrs a and mr x..left alone will be chemically drawn together..@the opposite in kind of a wifeswap...
(Mary @ John Mori@ SH during hiatus anyone lol...)

And Goethe wrote a fairytale.... Reineke Fuchs..a version of the trickster..robber..cunning master criminal fox...and well Moriartys tie pin..and if there is a German/Reiche's Goethe.
In Richard Brookes cv there is a quote from Goethes Werther..the one who blew his brains out...given by aka dr watson!

Goethe had a wierd kind of relationship /lifelong rivalry/ friendship with fellow and contempory genius..Schiller..they developed a new kind of drama/play..Schillers skull..weirdly caused a bit of an outrage /contraversy when it was suspected to have been stolen...
In several universities..there are Schiller/Goethe societies..where stealing a bust is a traditional initiation....and there are statues memorials of them together all over the world.

And well...Sherlock has Goethes bust in his bedroom...and the skulls an..old friend..perhaps the mysteriously missing Schiller skull is found.


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May 15, 2014 11:51 am  #2

Re: Goethe in SH Bedroom/Skull theory

That's very interesting.  Must ponder.

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May 18, 2014 12:05 pm  #3

Re: Goethe in SH Bedroom/Skull theory

Edited and added further info @ skull theory.

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May 19, 2014 9:17 am  #4

Re: Goethe in SH Bedroom/Skull theory

I liked Faust, Mephisto is funny. And Werther is... weird. Apparantly, it became rather fashionable to kill oneself after that book came out. Bit like cutting is fashionable now with youngsters. 


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