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February 2, 2014 2:12 am  #1

Memorable or Funny Sherlock References?

All from mysteries by Robert Barnard (who wrote from about the 1970s through the last few years).

"Marriage gives someone a platform ticket into your mind [i.e., your partner becomes capable of reading your mind]. Sharing rooms in Baker Street did the trick, too, for Holmes and Watson." (The Cherry Blossom Corpse)

Uh, yeah, it probably had the same effect because it WAS a marriage.

"There is nothing more ridiculous than the amateur detective who thinks he's Sherlock Holmes and turns out to be Watson." (Blood Brotherhood)

Does that mean Watson is the opposite of Holmes, or the furthest thing from him? Nigel Bruce played Watson that way (i.e., a dolt), but Jeremy Brett's Watsons are not, neither is Freeman.

"Think of all those people who go through the Sherlock Holmes stories as if they were literal fact, finding mad reasons for all the contradictions, when really it was just Doyle forgetting what he'd written years earlier." (A Hovering of Vultures)

Barnard also named one of his books A Scandal In Belgravia long before the current series existed (the book is about a gay man who lived too openly for his own good in the 1950s.)


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