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November 3, 2013 12:19 pm  #1

Top Angle Reichenbach theory please read!!!!

Please Read this article fully , u WILL find it good 
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes, I have just learnt English , my mother tongue is Different..
If u want this in short skip to the end part.. It has almost all points cleared.
So it starts when...
Sherlock  goes to Kitty , rather when he is rushes out of there, he says

SHERLOCK: He’s got my whole life story. That’s what you do when you sell a big lie; you wrap it up in the truth to make it more palatable.

JOHN: Your word against his.

SHERLOCK: He’s been sowing doubt into people’s minds for the last twenty-four hours. There’s only one thing he needs to do to complete his game, and that’s to ...
(He stops dead as he makes a realisation. John, who has still been rifling through the folder, looks up at his friend, who is turned away from him.)
Then and there Sherlock realises that Moriarty is planning sherlock's death to complete his game...

Afterwards he goes to Bart's to ask Molly's help.. (ALONE)

John returns from Mycroft's place, while sherlock is seen in the lab bouncing a small rubber ball on the cupboard in front of him.. He acts as if he wants to know the key code Moriarty used to create a fake identity of his.
Later... Someone calls John and tells him that Mrs Hudson has been shot.john asks sherlock to come but ,sherlock refuses by saying he is busy and he needs to think.. John leaves the Bart's lab.
Sherlock receives a text from Moriarty
I’m waiting...

Jim is seen listening to the song 'staying alive' on his i-phone
While talking , Jim insults sherlock by saying that he is ordinary like all others
Sherlock shows him the binary code he discovered in the lab earlier
The conversation there is as follows
SHERLOCK: Every beat is a one; every rest is a zero. Binary code. That’s why all those assassins tried to save my life. It was hidden on me; hidden inside my head – a few simple lines of computer code that can break into any system.
JIM: I told all my clients: last one to Sherlock is a sissy.
SHERLOCK (gesturing to his own head): Yes, but now that it’s up here, I can use it to alter all the records. I can kill Rich Brook and bring back Jim Moriarty.
(Jim gazes at him for a moment, then turns away with a disappointed look on his face.)
JIM: No, no, no, no, no, this is too easy.
(He buries his head in his hands.)
JIM: This is too easy.
(Lowering his hands, he turns back to Sherlock.)
JIM: There is no key, DOOFUS!
(He screams the last word into Sherlock’s face.)
JIM: Those digits are meaningless. They’re utterly meaningless.
(Sherlock can’t hide the confusion on his face.)
Actually Sherlock deliberately puts the look of confusion on his face..
Later when Moriarty asks Sherlock to kill himself by jumping off the rooftop

JIM (not even looking at him): Your death is the only thing that’s gonna call off the killers. I’m certainly not gonna do it.
(Now he turns his head and looks up at his enemy expectantly. Sherlock blinks anxiously.)
SHERLOCK: Would you give me ... one moment, please; one moment of privacy?
(He glances down at Jim.)
(Jim looks disappointed that Sherlock should be so ‘ordinary’.)
JIM: Of course.
(He moves away across the roof. Sherlock takes several shallow anxious breaths, then he stops breathing for a moment as his brain kicks into gear again. He lifts his gaze as his expression becomes more like the Sherlock we know and his eyes become thoughtful. Slowly a smile spreads across his face and he starts to chuckle. Behind him, Jim is slowly walking across the roof but he stops, his expression livid, as Sherlock laughs with delight. Jim spins around furiously.)
JIM: What?
(Sherlock continues to laugh.)
JIM (angrily): What is it?
(Sherlock half turns on the ledge, smiling towards him as he glares back.)
JIM (angrily): What did I miss?
(Sherlock hops down off the ledge and walks closer to him.)
SHERLOCK: “You’re not going to do it.” So the killers can be called off, then – there’s a recall code or a word or a number.
(Now he’s the one circling his prey.)
SHERLOCK: I don’t have to die ... (his voice becomes sing-song) ... if I’ve got you.

Before this when sherlock leans his head down looking if everything he arranged is there or not..
After a while Jim kills himself to succeed in his plan..
Which was his big mistake...

Sherlock stands on the ledge to Finally jump. He again looks down but we don't see the ground again which means that something is arranged by sherlock to fake his own death which can be seen from the top angle. Which is why sherlock encouraged Moriarty to suicide
. Like there might be Mycroft's / Sherlock's people sitting inside the garbage struck which is seen parked exactly in front of Sherlock's dead body .. Sherlock might have jumped inside the truck, or the people in there must have spread some thing like a mattress which will cause sherlock less harm...
Sherlock phones John and tells him that he is on the rooftop, john rushes to come to him but Sherlock forces him to stand where ever his is then..

When Sherlock lands on the ground we see that john didn't have a direct view of his landing, their is a small building between them which helps Sherlock to block John's view

John immediately runs to rescue sherlock but bumps into a cycle riding by. (Which is obviously planned)
People are seen gathered around Sherlock's body
While john is on the ground on of person might have put fake blood around sherlock..

Then john stands up still feeling a little dizzy, he rushes towards Sherlock , people around him try to push him back but somehow he reaches his wrist of the hand which is pressed to the ground to find pulse..

U can search on internet that if you take a ball of a small size exactly like the on sherlock is seen , and if you press the ball tightly in your underarm , the pulse of the hand can't be felt... That's how John couldn't fell the pulse..

Sooo the conclusion is....
1) Molly did all the paperwork needed to prove that sherlock is dead.
2) All the the people and doctors who came for help were Mycroft's people.
3) Because of the small rubber ball pressed against Sherlock's underarm John couldn't fell his pulse.
4) sherlock's people are hiding in the truck , so the camera is not taken from top angle
5)Sherlock encouraged Moriarty himself to kill himself, so Sherlock could fake his fake his death.
6) Molly could arrange the dead body of Sherlock.
So this is my Reichenbach theory so far..
Please leave your views in cmmt box 

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