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August 9, 2013 9:06 am  #1

221B quiz - help me?

I'm in charge of preparing the quiz for my group's meeting next week. The theme is 221B Baker Street.  I have thought of the questions below concerning the canonical rooms, but it would be nice also to have some questions about 221B in film and TV adaptations. I lack inspiration though, any ideas for fun questions?

How many windows in the sitting-room of 221B Baker street ? On which floor is it? How many steps between the hall and the sitting-room?

Name objects placed on the mantelpiece?

Where does Sherlock put his pipes and cigars?

Whose portraits are in the sitting-room?

Describe the hearthrug in the sitting-room

Cite as many other elements from the sitting-room as you can

Which room leads into the sitting-room? Through how many doors?

Where is Watson's bedroom?

Cite as many objects containted in Sherlock's bedroom as you can


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