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March 17, 2012 5:00 pm  #1

Sherlock & John solve another case (Omegle roleplay)

This one was great! Started off as a bit of fun but then we ended up solving a case together, lol. See if you can spot which canon story it turned into...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
I can't get Britney Spears out of my head, oh why oh why! -JW
You: John, I thought I warned you about listening to crap music. -SH
Stranger: You did, you did Sherlock! But now it's taking over my life! -JW
You: Would you like me to destroy your CD collection whilst you're at work? It would give me great pleasure. -SH
Stranger: Yes, Sherlock. Please. -JW
You: I'm glad you said that John, because I'd already started. -SH
Stranger: .... Really? When? -JW
You: About half an hour ago. I got bored so went to your room to borrow your gun. Then I decided to shoot your CDs instead of the wall. -SH
Stranger: Sherlock! First of all, you know I hate it when you shoot the wall out of boredom, and second of all, where did you find my gun? -JW
You: It was in the second drawer of your bedside cabinet. The locked one. -SH
Stranger: What? Well, fine, I'll give you that, Sherlock. Shoot the wall or whatever you want. I'm going out. -JW
You: Out? Where? -SH
Stranger: To the hospital... I'm going to see Molly. -JW
You: Why? -SH
Stranger: You don't know? There's a new case we need to investigate. Youd should come. -JW
Stranger: *... you
You: What? Why didn't Lestrade call? *checks phone* Oh. 6 missed calls. -SH
Stranger: There you go... At least you're not getting the "moaning text messages" anymore. -JW
You: No. At least. Why are you going to the hosptial anyway? What's happened? -SH
Stranger: We're looking at a body. A 28 year-old woman was killed, and we don't know how and we don't know by who. -JW
You: Great! Best news I've heard all day. -SH
Stranger: How is that great? She died, Sherlock. -JW
You: I don't mean great for her obviously. Great for us. -SH
Stranger: Fine. Just get ready and we can go, okay? -JW
You: Yes yes I'm getting ready...I'll meet you there. -SH
Stranger: Why don't you just come with me? -JW
You: Where are you now? -SH
Stranger: I got to the hospital. You're running late. -JW
You: My taxi's just pulling up. See you in a second. -SH
You: *Sherlock gets out of the cab, makes his way into the hospital and to the morgue where John is already waiting standing over the body*. Afternoon.
Stranger: Sherlock, we don't know what happened to her... She has bruises around her neck and around her ankles. -JW
You: Where was she found?
Stranger: In her house. The house was completely clean when we found her. It's like the killer cleaned up after himself.
You: Well then he probably did. Doesn't want to be found out, clearly. These bruises would indicate strangulation...there's a couple of fingermarks there...see? Who was she?
Stranger: She worked in a bank. Her name was Hannah Kelly. We talked to one of the co-workers and she said that the last time she had seen her was three days ago. She didn't show up for work for three days, yet she was killed yesterday.
You: She stayed away from work because she expected her killer to find her there. Thought she'd be safe at home. I think we need to go back to the bank John...our answer lies there somewhere.
Stranger: Okay. Let's go.
You: *They leave the hospital and get into a cab*
You: Why didn't you call me sooner John?
Stranger: You didn't pick up!
You: Hmm. Musn't have been able to hear it over the gunshots.
Stranger: What did you do?
You: Nothing nothing. Just some target practice. Anyway I brought it with us just in case. *hands John the gun*
Stranger: *Takes the gun* Thanks, Sherlock. Let's go, now.
You: *the cab pulls up at the bank and they go inside, making their way to the dead girl's office* We need to check her e-mails and files. *heads over to computer*
Stranger: That's invading her personal space... Fine, do what you want, I'll go talk to the co-workers. *Walks out*
You: Come back if you find anything interesting! *watches John go then turns attention back to computer. starts scanning through emails*
Stranger: *Walks down the hallways, and looks into each room with an open door, until he finds someone inside of their office.* Excuse me... Can I talk to you?
You: *clicks on the most recent e-mail. it is from a different e-mail address from most of the others in the inbox. inside there are no words, just a picture of a bookshop*
Stranger: *Walks out of office* Thank you, you were very helpful... I should go tell Sherlock.
You: *takes a picture of the e-mail on his phone. sees John coming back.* Well?
Stranger: I talked to a co-worker. He said that Hannah was a quiet girl. And when she didn't show up for work for three days, they called her phone thousands of times but she never picked up.
You: Landline or mobile?
Stranger: Mobile.
You: *shows John e-mail* This e-mail was the last one she received before she disappeared. First time it's appeared in her address book. Contains this picture.
Stranger: Weird....
You: It's a bookshop. *goes to window* That one over there.
Stranger: Why would it be the bookshop?
You: This e-mail's clearly from her killer. It's a message. "I know where you are, I know where you work." It could be just the killer showing her he knows the location of her workplace by referencing another building in the area...or it could be something more significant. I'm thinking the latter. But either way we need to speak to the owners of that bookshop.
Stranger: Okay. Let's go.
Stranger: *They head out*
You: *they head across the road to the bookshop to find it is closed. Sherlock rattles the locked door handle, then begins to try and knock it open with his shoulder.*
Stranger: Why don't we just go back to the bank?
You: I need to look inside. See if that email was sent from a computer in this building. *takes out a thin wire and begins to pick the lock*
Stranger: If we can get in then I would be glas to.
You: Time me. I want to see how good I am. *he bends down to pick the lock and within a few seconds has it open*
Stranger: Five seconds. Good, now let's go inside.
You: Hmm. Still need to beat my record. *opens up the door and they go in*
Stranger: *John heads over to the nearest computer that he finds* Well, the killer didn't clean up after himself here... Look, this is where he sent it.
You: Excellent John. That tells us a lot.
Stranger: Now what should we do?
You: Well as you so excellently pointed out, the killer was badly organised in this instance but at the house managed to clean up every shred of evidence. That tells me there's two people involved here John. Now let's see who runs this business. *goes to desk and picks up business card*. Mr Simon Millings & Son
Stranger: So it's both of them. They're the killers. *BANG* Sherlock, someone's here!
You: It's from upstairs...maybe a good job I brought the gun after all.
Stranger: I've got the gun, Sherlock. I'll go upstairs, you stay down here.
You: Be careful John for God's sake. I'll wait by the stairs. If anyone comes running down I'll grab them.
Stranger: Okay.
Stranger: *Goes up the stairs, the gun by his side. He hears another loud noise as he quickly jumps around, seeing no one. Suddenly, somone runs past him and goes down the stairs, making John fall.* SHERLOCK!
You: *Sherlock hears John's cry just as the man comes dashing down the stairs. He pushes past but Sherlock manages to grab his arm, pull him back then deliver a punch that knocks him to the floor.* Got him John!
Stranger: *John rushes down the stairs and point the gun at the man, without shooting* Who are you?
You: *"S...Simon Millings Jr," the man stammers". Sherlock pulls the man to his feet.* What do you know about Hannah Kelly?
Stranger: "HAHA, we killed her!" Sherlock. He's drunk.
You: Hmm, clearly. I think we'd better get Lestrade to take him to the station. When he sobers up we might be able to question him further.
Stranger: Okay... What about Simon Millins Senior? "He's hiding in the basement!" ... Let's go to the basement, then.
You: *They head towards a door at the back of the bookshop which has steps leading down into the basement. They begin to descend the steps. John first, gun raised at the ready.*
Stranger: *The basement is dark. John holds up his gun, his hand running along the wall, looking for a light switch. He finds one and flicks it on.*
You: *The older man is cowering in the corner with his hands raised in the air. Next to him is a hydraulic digger and a giant hole in the floor.* Hmm. Been doing some digging I see? Now why would that be?
Stranger: He thinks he can't escape?
You: *Sherlock heads over to the hole and inspects it. It's pretty deep and seems to lead into some kind of tunnel.*
Stranger: Why were you digging?
You: *Sherlock jumps into the hole and shines his phone to try and see further.* It's all becoming clear now John. There's a bank directly opposite and they're digging a tunnel. The pieces start to fall into place quite easily once those two facts have been established.
Stranger: They thought they could dig a tunnel to the bank?
You: And they've made a pretty good job of it too. Hannah Kelly was killed because she found out about it.
Stranger: And now we know. But they're both unarmed, one's drunk, let's just take them.
You: OK. Lestrade'll take to ages to get here anyway. I'll take the drunk one, he's easy. You take this chap and don't take your eyes off him for a second.
Stranger: Okay. *Takes the older man and hols him up, putting a gun next to his head.* You're the sober one. If you try anything, I swear I will.
You: *to the man* And he means it you know. He was in the army. *grins at John, as they make their way back upstairs*
Stranger: *Smiles, taking the two men outside*
You: ((got to go sorry!))
Stranger: Okay!
You: you were awesome
Stranger: Well, at least we found out who the killers were. XP
Stranger: You too! You make a good Sherlock.
You: Thanks, you were an excellent John. Sorry I had to wrap up the case so quickly, could have gone on longer
Stranger: It's fine!

Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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