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April 22, 2013 12:26 pm  #21

Re: Need help from folks with London tube knowledge

"Have they still got the tiles on the walls with Sherlock Holmes' silhouette?"

Yes! And they also still have the scenes up in the Jubilee line part.

I have a theory that there are two kinds of Londoner. The indigenous kind, born and raised, who look at everyone and get on with it-and-and please don't take this the wrong way-but people who have come to London having been told never to make eye contact.

Seriously, on the Tube or what have you I can always tell who comes from London and who moved there later in life. People who look you in the eye and chat like you are in any other city are natives. People who look fearful are not. Don't take this too seriously but there is this one thing about it, showing fear in London does mark you out quickly as a non-Londoner and will make you that much more vunerable. Just a tip really, Of course this does depend where you are going as well. There's no need to make eye contact and chat to everyone in central commuter London (which is where I'm gussing you are talking about, Harriet?) or a busy throughfare station-though its not a bad idea- but if you are in a residential area, it is a good idea. Talk to people but try to obfuscate over not living in the city. Oh and of course use your common sense, don't talk to the guy fondling his knife, for example.

I lived there for 20-odd years, most of my life, and am still back and forth there and I've never been the victim of any crime at all. And I talk to everyone!

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