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April 15, 2013 10:10 pm  #1

Corporate Country? Distant Utopia?

I read somewhere that a future utopia will be all corporate and no government. Do you think it likely that governments will become something like monarchies, ceremonial in name while actual power goes to the McDonalds and the Microsofts of the planet? If this happens, will we still continue to have countries?

Imagine a world that is disolved of ethnic and geographic borders and instead, defined by which major corporation you are aligned with. This would be the evolved form of capitalism. Currencies will disappear altogether and warfare will be economic/digital/electronic in nature. 

Ultra rationalism will prevale and humans will evolve into the next stage - super rational and logical beings with very little emotional or creative space in their psyches. They will be very good custodians of the now destroyed planet earth and maintain absolute control over what little resources is left..


April 22, 2013 10:53 pm  #2

Re: Corporate Country? Distant Utopia?

I've been wondering that myself.  There are movements to decrease umemployment by lowering the minimum wage and taking away the rights of the workers, corporations are bribing politicians left and right, Higher Education is becoming a must for more and more jobs.  People are required to have a college degree to manage many grocery stores, but the salaries aren't enough to pay back student loans, the oil industry is behind just about every international conflict the US has been involved in for the last 60 years.  They talk about energy independence, which solat and wind would bring us, but they fight against solar and wind energy because it would mean competition for them and cause them to reduce prices to compete.  Major department stores have driven smaller local grocery, pet, plant nursery, and clothing stores out of business.  They move into areas and under cut everyone pricewise, then raise their prices once everyone is driven out of business and sell made-in-china-by-cheap-labot products.  They talk about privatizing everything, including schools, parks, roads, libraries, ect saying that private citizens could do a better job than the government.  What people don't realize is that taxes will not be decreased and the provatized services will mean more bills to pay.
BBC and PBS are publicly funded channels (or goverment funded as some people put it).  The programs produced on those stations are about the stories people have to tell.  CBS, NBC, ABC, ect are corporate owned.  They are about the stories people have to sell.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."
Whoa.  Sherlock was quoting Spock who was quoting Sherlock....Mind blown!!

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