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February 8, 2012 3:03 pm  #1

Facebook Pages

There are absolutely TONS of Sherlock related Facebook pages out there...these are just the ones that I'm currently a part of...if you know of any more, please post them



I am Sherlocked!/pages/I-am-Sherlocked/329457307079622

S Holmes

We Are Sherlocked

And honey you should see me in a crown!/pages/And-honey-you-should-see-me-in-a-crown/166737776762337

I am Sherlocked!/pages/I-am-Sherlocked/103593979760946


All You Need To Know About Sherlock Holmes!/AllYouNeedToKnowAboutSherlockHolmes

It's got ear flaps, it's an ear hat John!/pages/Its-got-flaps-Ear-flaps-Its-an-ear-hat-John-Sherlock/146769672107651

I'm sorry that I only talk about Sherlock, but I'm not sorry enough to stop!/pages/Im-sorry-that-I-only-talk-about-Sherlock-but-Im-not-sorry-enough-to-stop/360960090583660

Moriarty's ringtone!/pages/Moriatys-ringtone/210437182382191



Sherlock (2010)!/SherlockHDBBC

Sherlock Holmes (BBC Series)!/pages/Sherlock-Holmes-BBC-Series/106144462774893

Sherlock (BBC One)!/pages/Sherlock-BBC-One/115902078458835

Wholockians Unite!/WholockiansUnite

Sherlock Holmes Games!/sherlockholmesvideogames

Martin Freeman is made of jam, kittens and rage!/pages/Martin-Freeman-is-made-of-jam-kittens-and-rage/277060468974182

Moriarty's hair!/pages/Moriartys-hair/351820104845938

Benedict Cumberbatch!/pages/Benedict-Cumberbatch/138224756215112

I am Sherlocked!/pages/I-am-Sherlocked/201585153273139

I'm Sherlocked!/wearesherlocked

I am Sher-Locked!/pages/I-am-Sher-Locked/214501341969110

I try and emulate the magnificent genius that is Moriarty!/pages/I-try-and-emulate-the-magnificent-genius-that-is-Moriarty/321187797917426

Jim Moriarty!/TheConsultingCriminalJimMoriarty

John Watson!/pages/John-Watson/192771067420265

The Wall had it coming!/pages/The-Wall-Had-It-Coming/220084094745639

Sir Sherlock Holmes!/SirSherlockHolmes

Sherlocks hair!/pages/Sherlocks-Hair/228291300586008

Professor James Moriarty!/pages/Professor-James-Moriarty/357299190953442

The Science of Deduction (BBC Sherlock)!/pages/The-Science-of-DeductionBBC-Sherlock/147684008602740

Turning up your coat collar to be more like Sherlock!/pages/Turning-up-your-coat-collar-to-be-more-like-Sherlock/325157850863048

The Cumberbatch Society!/pages/The-Cumberbatch-Society/282914698439116

Steven Moffat Fans

Sherlock (BBC)!/pages/Sherlock-BBC/109152202471221

The Sherlock Holmes Museum!/pages/The-Sherlock-Holmes-Museum/5701497375

Dr John Watson's Swordcane!/pages/Dr-John-Watsons-Swordcane/323067614515

Mycroft Holmes's Umbrella!/pages/Mycroft-Holmes-Umbrella/157094137635700

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Eventually everyone will support Johnlock.

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July 3, 2012 5:29 am  #2

Re: Facebook Pages

I only know of Sherlockology and the one for Benedict Cumberbatch. Not always on FB but I love the pictures they have there

July 5, 2012 7:19 pm  #3

Re: Facebook Pages

No Facebook; no Twitter. I don't even have a cell phone (mobile). And I still have a life...

"Perfectly sound analysis. I was hoping you would go a little deeper."

July 5, 2012 9:48 pm  #4

Re: Facebook Pages

@SH So, not very many then...
@Tantalus Yeah, but you've got us. haven't you?!

I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee...
Hmm. I really don't know. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say 'know'? I meant 'care'. I don't really care. 
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July 14, 2012 12:40 am  #5

Re: Facebook Pages

SH---why are there so many pages  with SHERLOCK  in the title?  I  know of only  one,  and that's where I'm at.   

Tantalus--  well  I  don't have a cell phone either.    You and I are in out own little worlds,  right?   yeah  we've got this bunch to play with



July 14, 2012 1:10 am  #6

Re: Facebook Pages

Skitty, anyone can make a facebook page.People take it upon themselves to make them up just for the hell of it. You could start one called "Sherlock's Underpants" and within a day you could get probably 10 or 20 people following you.
There's really no value in joining most of those, there's no information or any structure to it, just another place random people can post silly things like 'ohhh I would do anything for Benedict' or whatever.Deep & meaning huh?

Joining or 'liking' those kinds of pages is the fastest way to open the door for spam.

Also, please note that sentences can also end in full stops. The exclamation mark can be overused.
Sherlock Holmes 28 March 13:08

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