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October 30, 2012 11:56 pm  #41

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

From my clothes he will deduce I have a long-haired cat
From my sofa he will deduce I have a long-haired cat
From my kitchen he will deduce I have a long-haired cat

Oh god, my cat's hair is everywhere! I'm afraid he's my most characteristic feature.

But to be serious:
From the numberless painting crafts in my desk he'll deduce I like painting.
From the amount of 'beauty' stuff in my bathroom he'll deduce I'm mad about self-care
From the inner of my fridge he'll deduce I don't eat at all ))) (the truth is I eat outside of house mostly)
From the mess in my rooms in mornings he'll deduce I'm a sleepyhead and constant 'in-a-hurry-woman'

Sherlock: "I need to get some air, we're going out tonight."
John: "Actually, I've uh, got a date."
Sherlock: "What?"
John: "It's where two people who like each other go out and have fun."
Sherlock: "That's what I was suggesting."

October 31, 2012 5:41 pm  #42

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

It's interesting that almost everyone has mentioned animal hair.
Nobody with three small dogs, though, and a navy.


December 1, 2012 12:56 pm  #43

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

By my trousers he would deduce I have a middle sized and fair haired dog by the hairs and by the paw prints slightly higher he could tell that my dog likes to jump up at people and is therefor not well trained.
My shoes are always a little bit muddy, therefor I live close to a forest.
In my room he would deduce:
I’m quite sentimental about past things because of the state of dust un few things and my age difference on various pictures.
I don’t spend much time there because he would see how untidy it is and how cold it is up there.
He would find I’m quite easily obsessed with stuff I like because of all the pictures.
He would deduce I don’t like change because there are still many things of my childhood and no posters or at least not many.
He would find the scale on the floor and would know I’m quite self-critical about my weight, probably a result of being a little bit more plump in the past and being bullied in the past. But by pictures he would find it is insane.
He would also find my schoolbag packed permanently, so I’m a schoolgirl. The schoolbag contains 2 pocket calculators, therefor I’m into maths.
In our bathroom he would find no cosmetic products, so he would conclude I’m not to concerned about my looks.
The DVD-Collection would tell him I’m totally into series and despite my age still like Disney.

And there is so much more…

But one thing I love deducing although I already know it, so it isn’t a real deduction but I like imagining other deducing it… Did that make any sense? Whatever:
My friends arm (Pitagor) is constantly covered in little bruises or scars of thin claws, so she owns a cat-monster (she is actually quite cute…)



December 1, 2012 4:25 pm  #44

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

He would "deduce" that I've got two (white) cats (and one of them is a little monster, as lelli said)  and of course that I love horses (that's SO obvious that every person would see that if he see first my room... :-P). Of course he would see with one fast look that I'm lazy-the bed's not done and my room is just a mess. He would also see that I'm a great fan of him :-D. Probably he would see that I'm a part spanish, there are spanish CDs and books and other stuff. Because of the books he would also defenetly see that I don't read a lot (there are just non-fiction-books). He would see my shoolbag, so-shoolgirl, too. And the new blue judo-kimono, which is lyying down on the floor (I'm really proud of it :-D) would tell him that I'm every friday night in the "dojo" (also the belt-collection on my bed is just OBVIOUS, and because of this he would easily deduce that i've the green one now, because there are all colours up the green belt...).
Like lelli, when he sees me he'll probably observe that i don't wear make-up and i took my clothers not because of their look-so, not really obsessed with how I'm looking, then.
Of course he would see that I'm always standing like a patatoe-bag -> so, not a good "sensation for the body" and bad in things like gymnas... :-D

Ah, and there's probably another thing he would see: I like to write. After have written a bit (by hand), there's sort of a little, white "bubble" on my right thumb :-D Often i don't even notice it, but I'm sure that he would.

@lelli; there are lot of scars, and I think it would not be as difficult to see that I've a monster-cat at home (who has sharp claws, by the way!).

«Oh! How? What does that matter? So we go 'round the sun. If we went 'round the moon or round and round the garden like a teddy bear it wouldn't make any difference. All that matters to me is the work. Without that my brain rots. Put that in your blog. Or better still, stop inflicting your opinions on the world»

December 10, 2012 9:53 pm  #45

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

I'm not entirely sure what he'd get about me, or where he's see me. Seeing me with different cars, clothes, etc. would give different impressions.

Taking the scene of me having dinner at a restaurant, which is fairly likely:
He'd see a slight tan, but not significant, with tan lines for a t-shirt and shoes with socks while I'm out in the sun. The tan is too weak to be from working outside, so an office worker with an outdoor hobby that doesn't involve watersport. He'd most likely see me in jeans, and I'd be without make-up, so not an office job where I'm expected to dress to a particular standard - clearly I can dress casually at work. He'd likely deduce I work in IT / with computers. He'd see long nails, but some broken, chipped, or misshapen. Long nails a result of not bothering to cut them, rather than something I try to create. That means overall good nutrition, a fairly healthy individual (and had been in childhood, as well). The hair backs this up - longer and healthy, despite its current mistreatment of being bleached and then dyed purple. My hairstyle would show I don't keep up with trends, but just do what's practical / what works for me. The same can be seen in my clothes.

Unlike nearly everyone I meet, Sherlock would see the swelling in the joints on my fingers. He'd see my hand is just slightly disfigured. Arthritis, of some variety, and between my age and my lack of skin issues, that says rheumatoid arthritis. The way I'm able to move says it's well controlled. He might even notice the slight swelling in the joints for my jaw, which would suggest the arthritis was once relatively aggressive, so I must be on an intensive medication process. It's not remission, as I still have non-permanent swelling in both jaw and fingers.

Sherlock would see hair from two cats. He'd not see dirt under my nails, and he'd likely wonder who worked on those cars I play with. If he saw me with my significant other, he'd be able to tell we were very familiar to each other and had well-formed patterns for interactions - clearly a long term relationship. But not marriage, even though as a heterosexual couple, we could. I'm not sure if he'd see or be able to deduce why we aren't married.

Without more, I don't think my outdoor hobby would be revealed. However, if he saw me walk out to my car, he'd at least have a clue. I'd most likely be getting in a WRX, which says motoring enthusiast. I'm not sure if Sherlock knows enough about cars to get more than that. If he did, he'd see stock ride height, stock wheels, stock suspension, stock brakes. The tires aren't grained and the brakes don't show glazing / signs of high heat. This says this isn't the car I use in sport - a WRX wouldn't handle either on-road nor off-road sport without mods, signs of heat, or the car breaking. The dirt pattern on the car is also consistent with daily driven and stored outside, not tracked or used in dirt (they create different dirt patterns). This says there are other vehicles used in motorsport. The tan lines suggest car, not motorcycle, but what car? I don't believe there are clues as to what I normally run on track that he could get from what he could see at dinner.

There are probably other things he could gather, but I'm not sure what.


January 2, 2013 3:14 am  #46

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Ooh, fun! 

Sherlock would notice my clean wedding ring and deduce that I have been (happily) married for five years.  Short fingernails likely for inserting contact lenses. Based on my clothing and bobbed hair, a professional woman.  No toys lying around the house, so no kids, but hundreds of books, so librarian's looking likely.  Romance novels tucked away out of sight = closet romantic.  I'd be dismissed as boring and sentimental within five seconds, but it probably wouldn't bother me as that's Sherlock's opinion on everyone.


January 7, 2013 9:24 pm  #47

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

This is gonna be fun :D
From my appearance he would deduce the following:
-  Hair: Long, dark blonde, dyed dark brown at the tips. Suggesting a want to be alternative, but a need for subtlety.
- Shoes: Heels covered by jeans - trying to hide the fact that she is unusually short. Approximately 1,56m ...and a half.
- Neatly painted nails, slightly chipped polish – a busy girl.
- Traces of chalk on hands, hips and back of sweater: A teacher (explains the need to keep the haircolour subtle).
- Age: 18 -20, too young to have graduated: A teacher trainee, then.
- Grey animal hair on clothing: she’s got a cat. A grey cat. Probably a British Shorthair, since the badge on her shoulderbag suggests a love for everything British.
- Marks on nose: recently wore glasses but isn’t wearing them anymore. No trouble reading the newspaper at cafeteria table: Short-sighted.

From my desk space:

- Owns a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction books and a spectacular amount of bookmarks. She’s into reading.
- Wall is decorated with magazine clippings and other amusing pictures: creative.
- Messy, but organized – papers are stacked per topic.
- Notebooks everywhere: a writer. Smudges on the paper: left handed.
- Nailpolish, cathair and crumbs on laptop: frequently used + cat lies around on the desk.

He would probably meet my cat there and see that she is female and called 'Amber'. Not because he's clever, but because she's got a nametag :D That's not cheating! It's observing!

"You look sad when you think he can't see you."

January 8, 2013 3:09 pm  #48

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

If he should say something about me, he would deduce following:

- Young, probably fifteen or sixteen years old, small, slim
- wears contact lens, so probably she often watches TV or she reads books
- clearly underslept, dark circles around the eyes, hard-working for school, tries to cover this with powder
- cracks her knuckles, she's often nervous and under stress
- doesn't hold herself up straight, apparently internet-problem
- her therapist thinks her biggest problem is school, but that's not right
- stress is normal at this age and her forearm looks destroyed, so of course she has got a therapist
- no, these wounds are old, she has got no therapist anymore
- no jewellery except a capable clock, she could afford better clothes, but she doesn't want to, probably to lazy
- white and black animal hair on jeans: she's got a cat, probably european short hair as they are not many races with this color

Just seeing is not an option. You must OBSERVE.


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"-have dinner?"
"-solve crimes?"

February 19, 2013 3:45 pm  #49

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

This is an interesting thread. It invites a hard Sherlockian look at yourself. Hmmm.

Well lets see. If Sherlock were to come in and see me sitting here, I would naturally stand up to greet him. That is when the deduction would begin.

The first thing he would notice is the fact that it takes a moment for me to rise up to my full height, moving with a small amount of stiffness. He might notice a slight limp favoring the left leg. He would immediately see that I am older than I want to appear as the grey roots are beginning to show again. He would see laugh lines around the mouth, wrinkles forming along the forehead and crows feet around the eyes confirming that my age is greater than it would appear at first glance. The dark circles under my eyes and the fact that even though it is morning, I look ready to sleep, I must work the night shift. 

As I hold out my hand to shake his he would note how rough and weathered the skin is, while also noting the short cut nails devoid of adornment and that my hands are very clean. He might deduce that the skin has become weathered and dry due to excessive washing possibly with an astringic substance. The absence of any make-up or perfume coupled with the night shift and the fact that I wear my long hair pulled back from my face he would surmise that I may work in the medical field. My shoes are clearly worn, especially around the outside of the soles, indicating that I walk a lot which would support his deduction of work in the medical field, most likely in a hospital for where else would one be on their feet during shift, wash their hands excessively with a strong soap all during the night shift? 

He would look around the room (I'm currently in the dining room) and note the children's artwork on the wall and the toys scattered about and deduce that I am a proud mother of at least two children. He would correct that deduction to three children upon inspection of the family calendar on the wall behind me as the child's name on several appointments and after school activities is different from the names on the art work. Based on the skill level of the artwork on the walls, the extra pounds and low hanging womanly parts he would conclude that at least one child is fairly young and I had at least one late-in-life child if not more. 

He would note the age of my wedding rings and deduce that I am unhappily married, but he would be wrong there. I only say this because it struck me that in ASiP when he made that deduction I looked at my own rings and saw how dull they were. 

He would note that my clothing is well worn, but in good repair. The clothing is simple without fancy patterns. Solid colors long sleeves, straight hemmed jeans that are clearly not designer in any way. He may deduce that I spend my money on other things such as items for the children. The child's name repeated on the calendar clearly takes a large amount of time and energy owing to the nine appointments with specialists in the current month alone. He would note that there are multiple church related activities on the calendar as well and deduce that I as well as my children are devote members of an organized religion. He would be wrong in that deduction, as my oldest child is a self-proclaimed atheist even though she is very active with the church's youth group.

He would note that the kitchen behind me is neat and clean, but the rest of the house is rather messy, not unlike his own flat. He may deduce that the kitchen area more closely matches my own personal appearance of neatness and deduce that the kitchen is my domain, supported by the fact that most mothers are the ones who do the bulk of the cooking and cleaning in that particular room.

I'm sure there are more deductions he would make about me but I really am tired and need to go to bed, so I'll stop here. Hope that painted a decent picture for everyone. 


Alice I 

"I may be on the side of the angels,
but don't think for one second that I am one of them."

February 19, 2013 3:54 pm  #50

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

AliceI wrote:

He would note the age of my wedding rings and deduce that I am unhappily married, but he would be wrong there. I only say this because it struck me that in ASiP when he made that deduction I looked at my own rings and saw how dull they were. 

Based on his statements in ASiP, I think he'd only deduce you were unhappily married if your wedding ring was worn clean on the inside (due to removal) and/or you had other jewelry that was well cleaned. I suspect he'd take the not-cleaned-but-not-oft-removed ring as not really indicative of your happiness with your marriage in either way. He'd probably associate that with the lack of make-up and see cleaning the ring as not something high on your list of things to do, regardless of your feelings toward your marriage.


February 19, 2013 7:41 pm  #51

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Oh, I just stumbled over this. Let me see...

1. He could surely tell I'm a teacher. There's always some red ink on my finger or my hand. Or my jeans. That, and there is an unusual high amount of teenagers in our village that either greet me or try to hide from me.
2. If his German is good, he could most likely tell that I live near Bonn by judging my accent.
3. Looking at the bruises he could tell I'm into kickboxing, but not for very long. And not very good at it yet.
4. The ring would tell him I'm married. So would my husband.

5. From my fingers he could tell that I don't play any instruments but spend quite some time writing on my notebook.

I still believe that love conquers all!

"Quick, man, if you love me."

February 19, 2013 7:44 pm  #52

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Schmiezi wrote:

4. The ring would tell him I'm married. So would my husband.



"After all this time?" "Always."
Good bye, Lord Rickman of the Alan

February 19, 2013 7:46 pm  #53

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

I can't remember the last time I wore my wedding ring!


February 21, 2013 3:51 pm  #54

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

I've been wondering what Sherlock might deduce about me... but I really don't know.
He would probably say that I am a shy and insecure person (it's quite obvious due to my body language and bitten down fingernails. He might note that while I don't say much I am quite aware of the things going on around me and that I notice a lot of things, although I tend to keep quiet about them.
He might deduce that I don't have a boyfriend because I don't wear any rings or other jewellery that looks like it could have been given to me by a lover (also the way I would stare at him would make it quite obvious that I don't have a boyfriend). If he would take a look at the contents of my handbag he would deduce that I am a university student and that I study literature and philosophy and that I read a lot (I always carry books with me). Looking at my keys he would know that I live in a house, not a flat, because I only have one key for the front door. The fact that I carry the key to my room with me would indicate that I don't want anyone to enter my room while I'm away, which would either indicate a difficult relationship to at least one member of my family or trust issues.
If I would allow him to take a look at my purse Sherlock would say that I have clearly been to England recently. The fact that I carry both a German and an English debit card would indicate that I had worked and lived in England and that I either plan to return soon or that I kept the card out of sentimental reasons. This would be supported by the fact that I also carry tickets and vouchers from different places. He would notice the organ donor card and the blood donor card, which would clearly tell him that I care about other people.
My student ID would tell him that the university I visit is quite far from the place where I live. He might assume that I can't afford to rent my own flat or that I decided to stay with my family out of sentimental reasons.

I can't think of anything else. I am quite sure that Sherlock would notice far more... maybe even things that even I hadn't known about myself.


"Yes, of course I forgive you."

February 21, 2013 4:12 pm  #55

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Very good, Lily. I don't know if Sherlock would be impressed but I am. 

As for the staring - this may happen even if one has a boyfriend or husband.

"To fake the death of one sibling may be regarded as a misfortune; to fake the death of both looks like carelessness." Oscar Wilde about Mycroft Holmes

"It is what it is says love." (Erich Fried)

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April 30, 2013 11:56 am  #56

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Oh, fun. I'm bored, so I'll do a long one.

If Sherlock met me today:
Naturally I would look him in the eyes, smile and offer him my hand. He would probably notice that my grip isn't wimpy, but quite steady and firm without being bone-crushing or overly enthusiastic. So, confident but polite. He'd might notice that I am aware of my surroundings but also that I, when observing said surroundings, sometimes have a slight expression of contempt on my face. This may indicate that even though I am polite, I sometimes can not hide the fact that I tend to look down on certain kinds of people. 

Age would say student. Appearance would say that I make an effort about the way I look. My body is slim, but I have no trace of muscles. I'm probably not fond of excercising and do so very rarely or not at all.

Two of my fingers on my right hand have tar stains, so this would reveal that I am right handed and a smoker. These stains may occur if you smoke roll-ups, if you're a smoker who do not wash your hands regularly or if you smoke a large amout of cigarettes per day. If he somehow could pick up on the fact that I would never bother to roll my own cigarettes, the natural choice would indeed be that I smoke very much since my hygiene isn't failing.

If Sherlock went through my room:
Going through my bookshelf would reveal that I seem to be interested in a lot of different fields, ranging from philosophy to science. I seem to prefer classical books when it comes to fiction. Since I have everything Oscar Wilde has ever written, he might be one of my favorite authors. I have the bible and a copy of "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. This may indicate that I like to explore things from more than one perspective. The books are placed next to eachother. I might have done that deliberately because I thought it'd be funny.

If he opened my closet, he'd see that  want to look both sophisticated and youthful. I do not own anything outrageous and I seem to prefer rich colours. It's also quite clear that my tastes are expensive. Since I am a student, it's very unlikely that I paid for these myself.

My desk drawer is locked, so I obviously I'm secrative about some things. I have a lot of notebooks, so I like to write.  In the drawer he would also find some family photos, both with me and my mother and me and my father, so I seem to have a good relationship with both of them. However, I am very young in all the photos when all three of us are together, so my parents might have gotten a divorce when I was a kid. I seem to save old receipts too and judging by them I seem to enjoy having a drink at pretty much any hour of the day. This might point to a slightly unhealthy relationship with alcohol. 

If he went through my dressing drawer he would see that I have a thing for lipstick. He would also find a box of nicotine gums, so it's obvious that I have tried to quit smoking at one point. He'd also find sun screen with a very high SPF. Since he noticed that my skintone isn't one of those who would require such a high SPF to avoid burning, he might deduce that I like to keep a very light complexion and/or that I might know about the effects the sun have when it comes to wrinkles. I might have a fear of aging. Cigarettes are damaging to the skin too, but I somehow seem to keep the habit up anyway. Taking the receipts to account, as well as failing to quit my smoking habits, I might have an addictive personality.

(I could go on forever, but I am starting to get scared of myself).

Last edited by Q. (April 30, 2013 12:31 pm)

“Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?"

April 30, 2013 12:59 pm  #57

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Oh, I don't know. You sound pretty interesting really. Although student who smokes and drinks a lot would not win you any points for originality in any of the UK's  Universities or Colleges. 

Don't make people into heroes John. Heroes don't exist and if they did I wouldn't be one of them.

April 30, 2013 1:14 pm  #58

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Davina wrote:

Oh, I don't know. You sound pretty interesting really. Although student who smokes and drinks a lot would not win you any points for originality in any of the UK's Universities or Colleges.

Oh, well, thank you. I would surely bring some kind of existential crisis upon myself I continued, though.

Also, an intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools. At least that what Hemingway thought, so I keep telling myself that.

“Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?"

April 30, 2013 2:46 pm  #59

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

Indeed. Mr. Hemingway was extremely perceptive (same applies to women too in my experience!) Also too much navel gazing can lead to...collisions...with trees, lampposts...

Don't make people into heroes John. Heroes don't exist and if they did I wouldn't be one of them.

July 4, 2013 10:15 pm  #60

Re: What Deductions Would Sherlock Make About You?

From all the video games/consoles (especially my keyboard which is specifically for gaming) he would deduce that I play video games more frequently than others (and most on the PC).
From my clothes he would deduce that I am self conscious about my appearance (more likely my weight) because they are all relatively longer sleeved than most.
By my room he would deduce that I am organized but cluttered because I find it hard to get rid of things I no longer have use for.
From all of my pets he would deduce that I love animals hence forth studying to become a Veterinarian (due to my scrubs, though not working) and Vet books lying around.
From my phone (if he were to go through it like texts) he would deduce that I have very little friends but many aquaintances.

It's too bad though, I would have really like to see what he would come up with.  Probably things I didn't even know XD

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