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July 16, 2012 5:34 am  #21

Re: Meet the Members!

It occurs to me that i haven't contributed to this thread, so here goes

My user name, hepzibah, is a nickname my mum gave me. The only connection to my real name is the first two letters. My family generally call me Hep or Heppi.
I am younger than Madonna but older than Barack Obama, but I feel about 20 years younger than all three of us!
I have never been married, never been asked or meet the right man, but hope springs eternal. Too old for kids, but could be a step-mum.
I live with a flatmate and her 3 year old daughter.
I have three cats, all female, and my flatmate has 1 cat, so the flat contains 2 women, 1 toddler and 4 cats.
I work in the retail sector which will never make me rich but I enjoy it. I take on the personna of a saleswoman and that works well!
I suffer from depression, anxiety, both personal and societal, and aspergers syndrome, and could afford to lose a few kilos!
I am an ovarian cancer survivor, had it 8 years ago but am now cancer-free, hurray!
I tend towards the obsessive, which may explain the amount of  time I spend involved with Sherlock activities, including watching the show, talking on this forum and reading fanfic on AO3.
I am interested in politics, both in my own country and internationally (why can't I vote in the US elections, it's not fair!)
I was raised as a Catholic, went to Catholic schools, but am now a fully-fledged atheist.
My politics are left wing and I believe passionalty in equality for all. In fact, I am a 'land rights for gay whales' sort of person.
Like most Aussies, I am a mix of backgounds. I have Italian, Irish and Welsh ancestry and am a 3rd generation Aussie.
I am a late adopter of techology, just got my first ipod recently and now don't know how I lived without it.
And, did I mention that I have a Kindle.

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Did I mention that I have a Kindle?


July 27, 2012 5:40 am  #22

Re: Meet the Members!

Hi, my name is Patricia.
I'm older than Sherlock and John but younger than Mrs. Hudson.
I was born in Boston on New Year's Eve.
I currently live in US, in the state of Illinois.
I have one daughter who is married with 2 children of her own.
I like books, TV, music, and movies.
My native language is English, but I also know a bit of French.
I'm retired.
I love Il Divo and Celtic Thunder.
I am on Facebook.
My hobbies include making cards and reading.
I love tea and jaffa cakes.
My very favorite character on Sherlock is John, but I love everyone else as well.
My favorite Sherlock episodes are A Study In Pink and The Reichenbach Fall.


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Why would I do that?
Because you're an idiot."

"We solve crimes, I blog about it, and he forgets his pants."

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August 2, 2012 10:43 pm  #23

Re: Meet the Members!

I'm Lupin. It's a reference to Arsene' Lupin the French foil rather than the HP character, since this is a Sherlock forum.

I'm from the US and have been all my life.

I'm a mystery fanatic and have been since I was a kid. Mystery is my favorite genre. I've read the ACD canon as well as watched the old Basil Rathbone movies and the 50's tv series.

I'm actually a math/science person but I love to write and hope to publish my novels someday. I wish I could do my own illustrations but sadly lack the talent.

My favorite color is black though I do like red as well.

I love to read when I have the time. Some of my favorite authors are Wilde, Cervantes, Dostoevsky, Orwell, and Bulgakov. Every now and then, I like to polish my literary lenses. I read Journey to the West and hope to start Romance of the Three Kingdoms at some point.

I don't take myself or really anything too seriously. Any other questions, feel free to ask. I'm a pretty open person.   

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August 9, 2012 7:52 pm  #24

Re: Meet the Members!

ImaSherlockGirl wrote:

My hobbies include making cards and reading.
I love tea and jaffa cakes.

Ima - I remember two other forum members talking about  making cards a while back. Maybe this post will get their notice and you can talk about it with them. Sorry, I don't remember who it was.


August 11, 2012 3:43 am  #25

Re: Meet the Members!

veecee wrote:

ImaSherlockGirl wrote:

My hobbies include making cards and reading.
I love tea and jaffa cakes.

Ima - I remember two other forum members talking about  making cards a while back. Maybe this post will get their notice and you can talk about it with them. Sorry, I don't remember who it was.

Thanks veecee, maybe I'll run across them while I'm exploring...I'm still reading and exploring!


"That's how you get your kicks, isn't it? You risk your life to prove you're clever.
Why would I do that?
Because you're an idiot."

"We solve crimes, I blog about it, and he forgets his pants."

Gwyn eich byd a dymanuf i chwi lawenydd bob amser.

November 14, 2012 8:02 am  #26

Re: Meet the Members!

my turn,

I'm vamsee (yes that is my real name).
For the next few Years, i age between 20 - 40.
i speak 7 languages, although people don't understand 5 Of them at all.
i can write in more than 8 languages, although a very small set of people Undestand them all.
Checking the time i wrote this, you can deduce that i Am from india (Not impossible).
other than sherlock, i am a Regular batman fan. i've always wanted a face off between batman and sherlock.. that would make an Epic story.
i love math and physics. Anything to Do with either or both of Them is something i won't shy away from.
History is another subject that interests me. though not a buff, i admire a good alternate what-if discussions
I'm no writer nor a blogger (clearly) but i am building up the Strength for it.
Programming is what I do by profession (Not that i'm complaining), Gaming is something of a passion. i have designed a few games myself. Most of them just crossed the drawing board.
i Enjoy movies that make you think, also i do enjoy no-brainers from time to time.

if you can capitalize on what i've written, we are indeed on the same page.

" When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable it might seem, must be the truth."
- SH

November 14, 2012 10:23 pm  #27

Re: Meet the Members!

I'm X years old. (Guess!)
I share a room with my older (shorter) sister who despises Sherlock anything because she says I'm obsessed and make up for what she lacks in terms of Sherlockedness 
My favourite food is dark chocolate and my favourite drink is tea, specifically green, black, and lemon 
I've played piano since I was four/five and started flute a year ago (violin is next on the agenda) 
I speak English primarily and Spanish secondarily and I want to study chemistry and forensic science in London...for obvious reasons
I have two brothers and two sisters and I'm 5'8"
My favourite book is the Bible, followed by Sherlock, followed by Great Expectations
I'm reading the canon for the second time and my main hobby is reading
Occupation: I'm a student with a major lack of intrest in subjects like history, social insects, or grammar (boring) but I love math, Shakespeare, and anything useful
I'm a sworn bachelorette, I never cry and am frequently told I'm a cold and heartless person, and I only have 1 close friend outside my family
My favourite go to line is currently,"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong."
My favourite people to be with are kids because people my age are jerks.

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"Geniuses are often obsessive, and their clarity of intellectual insight can be depressing and isolating: by nature geniuses march to a different drum." - Ron Bracey

November 15, 2012 1:01 pm  #28

Re: Meet the Members!

Well, I completely missed this thread and posted something similar to the Introduction thread, sorry!
I am female, about the same age as Sherlock/Benedict.
I used to take care of a wolfhound, one of the dearest dog´s I have ever met.
I have three small children who take up most of my days and nights. I can talk then about every other hobby in past tense only.
I am a French teacher, but I am not French.
I love music, especially Dvorak, Beethoven, Queen, Simon and Garfunkel, Debout sur le zinc.
I can´t live without books, reading has been my biggest love ever since. I read almost everything, I like French authors a lot and I have a crush on crime/detective stories.
I love a good crime drama, especially Sherlock  , Inspector Lewis, Luther and I hope to get some more in the near future, I have nothing interesting to watch.
I love mountains. I love hiking there alone. (not possible).
I speak fluent French, not so good English, I was once taught Russian, I remember but the alphabet.
I love cooking at home. I love the process of creating something new above all.
I live in Europe, in one of the countries ACD mentioned in his books about Holmes.

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November 15, 2012 4:35 pm  #29

Re: Meet the Members!

I am Jayie, which is my online nickname pretty much everywhere and came from an old wolf rp site.
I am a senior in high school
I am American.
I'm an only child, which is pretty awesome.
I'm a part of the following fandoms: Warrior Cats, Lion King, Firefly, Starkid, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock (obviously), Once Upon a Time, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables, Rent, and Castle.
My all-time favorite movie/musical is Phantom of the Opera. 
My favorite TV show is a contest between Firefly and Sherlock
I am obsessed with reading. My teachers used to have to yell at me for reading when I was supposed to be working. Not what they were used to yelling at people for, I think.
My dream of dreams is to be an author.
I figure skate. Eight years now, so it's sorta taken over my life.
I ride horses too, but not nearly as much as I skate.
I write fanfiction and draw fanart. I'm curently working on two Warriors fics, three Lion King fics, and a FireflyHarryPotter crossover. Never written a Sherlock fanfic before though. Might have to change that.
I ship Johnlock, but I'm also okay with seeing them as just friends.
I ship Hoopstrade. 
If I ever travel to Europe, I want to visist France purely to visist the Paris Opera House where Phantom of hte Opera is set. I also want to visist England just to see Bart's Hospital and 221B Baker Street. And Ireland, because Ireland is just awesome.

"You're so nice
You're not good, you're not bad
You're just nice

I'm not good, I'm not nice
I'm just right
I'm the witch
You're the world" - The Witch, Into the Woods

November 15, 2012 5:13 pm  #30

Re: Meet the Members!

When you ride, do you ride Western or English? Seeing Phantom in London would be a good experience too.

Don't make people into heroes John. Heroes don't exist and if they did I wouldn't be one of them.

December 14, 2012 10:18 pm  #31

Re: Meet the Members!

Hi, I’m Lelli
I sometimes post „MK“ under my posts, because they’re my initials and Sherlock, John, Jim and the others do that to ^^
Lelli is a nickname of mine with no connection to my name or Sherlock or anything…
I’m female and I’m 14-18 years old.
My birthday is in December (the day after tomorrow actually)
I still go to school and I like maths and science. Therefor I chose the math profile and now am the only girl in math classes… It’s sort of… odd… but sort of fun ^^
I like languages. German is my native language, I sort of grew up with English and in school I study French and Spanish. (If you want to, count in Braille and Morse ^^)
I live in Switzerland.
I like skiing (or just sitting in a chalet and drink tea and knit)
I love chocolate and tea, socks and scarfs, dogs and turtles… (What am I talking about?)
I don’t play any instrument… I gave up on the guitar because of school.
I like the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland books and Harry Potter (sounds usual, I know…) and I now started reading the ACD Sherlock books.
I like series… all sorts… I’m sort of a series-addict ^^
I listen to diverse music: I like older stuff like Queen, I also love James Blunt, I listen some modern music, but not that teeny-crap
Don’t ask about hobbies… don’t have any…
If you think I write stupid stuff at some times… I’ve got an excuse: I’m blond! ;D
I’m single *wink* XP

Sherlock related:
I believe in Sherlock Holmes, John is not alone and Moriarty was real.
I sort of like Moriarty… ^^
I ship Johnlock ;P

I love this forum. My internet habbits changed from mails -> facebook -> boredom to mails -> SHERLOCK -> facebook -> SHERLOCK!

That’s me…
Not all of me but most ;)



December 16, 2012 6:47 pm  #32

Re: Meet the Members!

Ok, then I'll try to write something about myself, too... But, don't expect lot of it, my English is in a very very basic-state and... Quite Bad. Uhm. Yes. :-)

I'm called "pitagor" as you can see in my profile, and, everywhere in the Internet you can find me by this name (at least I think so).
Female, age is between 14 and 18, born in middle of February, in Spain, but living in Switzerland since I'm a few days old.
I talk German and Spanish, a bit of English and a bit of French.
Yes, different as other ones here, I'm not interested in anything with physics, chemistry or maths. That's too difficult for me... I like economy more, and german (if it's about writing).
I can't be without Coca Cola, even if I like "Pepsi Cola" better... And, as I read often here, I like tea, too. My favorite meal is apple pie (of our own apple tree, yum yum, delicious!).
My music-favorites are quite weird, I like piano-pieces a lot, and ABBA, the Beatles... I also like a sort of Spanish-Pop-Bands who are quite different then the "normal" songs today which I don't like at all...
I like dogs and horses, to be fair I like a lot of animals. But I would like to have a dog with me, what unfortunately is not possible.
About movies, no idea. I liked the "War Horse" a lot... And I think I'll like "The Hobbit" (which we are going to watch tomorrow) also a lot, and so all the movies with Benedict, Martin and Andrew, I'm a bit addicted, yes :-)
About hobbies... I like to cuddly "my" Pony (which is not mine, but I can do a lot with him), and ride him. People say we fit in very good together.
I like also photography, even if I had not a lot time for it the last months. My camera is a Canon EOS 600D (a very good one, if you ask me, I love this camera!).
Oh, and I do judo, what gives me moral satisfaction. I really like it, even if I'm not doing it as "sport" at all, it's very important for me...
I have a "Mycroft" like lelli and I call it (a brother, even if it's not 100% correct, because he's younger than I). And two cats, but one of them hates me (dunno why). I life with all them and my parents in a small, but very lovely house which I like a lot. :-)

To be more Sherlock-related now; it's the only series I ever watched "complete", and I'm unhealthy addicted to it. Every word who can be understood like a sherlock-related-thing is killing me (and I can get every third word as a sherlock-related-thing). If I look at pictures of Sherlock or at Benedict Cumberbatchs' perfect face, I'm falling in a very different word and I forget everything... Aw. :3
Since I watched first TV I was a fan of "difficult" characters, Dr. House was a long time my favorite character... But I never watched the whole series. So it was predictable that I would have a nervous-breakdown by seeing an arrogant genius like Sherlock. :3

As you can see I'm quite insane, crazy and all of this together; but, that's really nothing new... ;-)

I said that there's no much to expect, and I think I haven't exaggerated. :-D

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December 23, 2012 1:30 am  #33

Re: Meet the Members!

Hello everyone! My name is Moriarty, obviously...
I am in the 10-20 age range... also I am Female
My birthday is in July, (really close to Benedicts)
I am in highschool, and quite enjoying it too!
I am focusing a lot on film and video production, hopefully I'll make an amazing tv series someday that will be as awesome as Sherlock!
I take french, so I am okay there but nowhere near fluent... and my native language is english
I live in America, and love it here, although I wish I lived in London...
I like to eat a lot, mostly sweets though, I have quite the sweet tooth 
I also write a lot, fanfiction and original works, although I haven't written any fanfiction for Sherlock yet, it is mostly for anime (Bleach to be precise)
I read a lot and recently started on the Lord of the Rings trilogy (Beginning with the Hobbit just so I could watch the movie with Martin Freeman) and although I am late reading these books, I find it easier since I can imagine Bilbo as John......
I don't do any sports, never really good at them, but I enjoy science enough and wish I had a cool coat like Sherlocks!
My favorite character from Sherlock (other than the man himself) is Moriarty, because he is "so changeable!"
So now I've run out of things to! 


"That's what people DO!"

December 29, 2012 5:10 pm  #34

Re: Meet the Members!


I'm Holmes-Watson and I'm from the UK! My birthday is the 26th of December and I really like Sherlock!

I have read quite a lot of the original books and I love the TV series. I think that my favourite episode is probably a Study in Pink. Mainly because of the "Anderson, you lower the IQ of the street" line!

Can't wait to talk to you all!


^ Made by me ^

January 10, 2013 2:54 pm  #35

Re: Meet the Members!

Suppose I'll give this a shot too

Hello, my name is Melissa, but feel free to call me Mell!
I live in Belgium, in Flanders, to be more exact. So no, I don't speak French, my French is very bad 
My birthday is on May 17th. I was born in 1992, so that makes me 20 years old.

I am a teacher trainee, soon to be graduated and ready to go to work.
I teach English and Dutch, and I try to make my lessons as fun as possible.
I love cats, especially my own British shorthair: Amber. I named her after the colour of her eyes :D
I love, love, love Disney. I'm the biggest Disney freak you'll ever meet. Ever. If you add up all the days I've spent in Disneyland Paris, I've probably spent a complete year of my life there. Maybe more. Probably more.
I love watching TV-shows online. My favourite shows are: Sherlock (of course), Glee, Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Downton, Dexter, True Blood,  etc.
I love to read. I own a ridiculous amount of books. I can't pick a favourite one, that's like asking a mother to choose a favourite child. I got a lot of books for Christmas this year, including The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings triology :3 Do not disturb, please!  (I also got 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the new Steve Mosby thriller, so excited!)
I have a brother, but he is hardly as interesting as Mycroft.  I'm three years older than him, actually.
I also have a boyfriend, but I'm sorry to say that things are very complicated right now. 
I love to write. I am currently writing a novel called 'In Love and War', and I hope I can publish it some day (a girl can dream). It's in Dutch, but I translated some chapters to English, for school 
My motto is: Be strong when you feel weak, brave when you are scared and humble when you are victorious.

Some random facts about me:
I drink tea every day.
Chris Colfer is my idol.
I read at least five books a year (that's because I'm bussy  I'd like to read more).
I treat my books like they are made of gold.
I sing in the shower. And everywhere else.
I love the musical 'Wicked'.
I alway procrastinate. I'm procrastinating right now.
I know the military alphabet because I was very bored once.
I like chocolate, but I don't like anything chocolate flavoured.
My favourite Ben and Jerry's flavour is Baked Alaska.
I love rock music.
My favourite band is Green Day.
My favourite food is pizza (or Italian food in general).
I like to go to the movies (it's like I live there).
I love England.
And most of all, I am forever a Sherlockian ;)

That's all I can think of right now :D

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January 10, 2013 3:06 pm  #36

Re: Meet the Members!

~~~updated July 22, 2013~~~

The name is Mary Me. I chosed that name because at the time I registered I was an obsessive Martin Freeman / John Watson fan and liked the thought of John having a wife in the next series, unaware of Johnlock's existence.

I am a student from Germany. I'm no native speaker unfortunately and I have never been to England.

I've considered to register as 'Clara' since it's my middle name (Well, in german spelling it's Klara).

I might be friendly in forums, but in real life I wouldn't call myself a nice person. At least not when it comes to my school comrades. Actually I can be a quite pleasant person after all.

I have a massive crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and I'm always looking for all of his works.

I am also addicted to coffee. I need at least two cups in the morning, otherwise I'm not able to get up.

I also love The Hobbit Trilogy as well as LOTR, the Star Trek movies and The Bourne Trilogy.

I generally love all the series where Benedict or Martin are involved, such as The Office or Parade's End.

I mainly listen to Hip Hop but I also love Evanescence, ABBA, Mumford & Sons and Poets of the fall.

My favorite author is Arthur Conan Doyle of course but I also appreciate the books of Jonathan Stroud.

I am an atheist. The Sherlock Holmes canon is my bible.

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"Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day—if we’re very very lucky—he might even be a good one."

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"-have dinner?"
"-solve crimes?"

January 10, 2013 6:19 pm  #37

Re: Meet the Members!

Mell92 wrote:

I drink tea every day.

Oooh, share your favorite teas, your tea of the day, etc. with us here!


January 11, 2013 11:53 am  #38

Re: Meet the Members!

I've been super busy with work, but we have our Spring Festival soon, so I'm freeing up a few days for a Sherlock sesh ;)

I'm Lula.  My username has nothing to do with Sherlock.  If you know/can guess the reference, awesome.
I don't know what the age ranges I'm 21.
I'm a vegan.
I love literature.  And politics. And arthouse film. And hanging around art galleries.
I live in China.
But I'm a Yorkshire lass at heart.
My favourite musician is Bjork <3   I also love classical music and I'm getting massively into jazz, but I've told that it [jazz] should come at the end of my musical evolution I like to buck the trends.
I've just noticed that my spelling of the word 'favourite' has been flagged for correction and that mildly irritates me.
I love spending time reading the papers, eating olives and drinking tea.
I'm a teacher right now, but my real dream is to create a socialist feminist magazine that's accessible, but not patronising.
I wish I was still at university. 
I don't watch loads of TV really.  I do love a bit of Peep Show, though.  And Sherlock of course.
I love cooking.
Yeah, I love tea.  Obviously.  The drink and the meal (not afternoon tea, but...I don't know, dinner?)

Lula x


January 24, 2013 1:49 am  #39

Re: Meet the Members!

Hello! My name is Kelly.

I currently reside in the United States and I plan on studying and living in England in the future.
Like many others, I found Sherlock one afternoon and obsessively watched the series in two days.
I love to read (Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorites), play tennis, run, draw, play viola, drink tea, and solve puzzles.
I have always loved England; I went last summer.
I intern with Fashion Week even though I don't plan to pursue fashion or modeling as a career. I actually hope to work for an intelligence agency/government, like Mycroft!
I can move my ears!
I'm very in love with Benedict/Sherlock because he's extremely hot and intelligent.
I love all areas of academic study, especially history and English, and I have a knack for langauges!

Sherlock has both saved and ruined my life but I wouldn't trade my love for the show for anything else.
Everything about the show is captivating, mesmerizing, and phenomenal and I have made the soundtrack the music to my life.



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February 22, 2013 6:35 pm  #40

Re: Meet the Members!

Hmmm... ok fine.

I'm Sparrow.
I was born to never die. My age has been lost amongst ages.
I'm rude
And not ginger.
I'm blond, if you must know.
I love Michael Jackson.
I get bored a lot so I'm always on the hunt for something engaging to do. 
I read a lot. Too much. I love to read.
My favorite book series is The Lord of the Rings.
I speak 3 languages plus a little bit of German.
I have a pet dog. His name is Arnold Schnauzeregger. He's a Schnauzer, if that wasn't obvious. A giant Schnauzer. He's big, black and scarry.
I also like Merlin and Doctor Who. And some other shows.



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