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Suggestions, Questions & Technical Help » creative usernames from spam members » February 23, 2014 6:45 pm

Is it labixiaoxi? If not we have another one. And does that mean anything?

Reichenbach Theories » Why? » February 21, 2014 7:29 pm

Willow wrote:

Well, the problem with John accompanying Sherlock, whose job is taking down a worldwide criminal network, is that not everybody in the world speaks English.

Sherlock is a brilliant linguist; John is not. Trying to create a plausible explanation for a companion unable to speak the language(s), whilst up against profoundly dangerous opponents, is an open invitation to early death; it is unsurprising that neither Mycroft nor Sherlock was prepared to take that risk...

From where do we know that John speaks nothing but English? Yes, English is the only language we actually hear him speak, but then the same can be said for Sherlock (see below for more on this). Besides this doesn't mean that he can't speak anything else and perhaps speak it well. And do we know anything about how good/bad he is a learning a new language?

As for Sherlock we can assume that he probably speaks German (Many Happy Returns) and Serbian (The Empty Hearse) but we have no idea of how good he is since we don't actually hear him speak it. Also he knows nothing about the various Chinese languages (The Blind Banker). As for any other languages he may be proficient in we can only guess (the horror, the horror).

@crazybbcamerican. It was the only solution I could come up with that covers the facts that we know and doesn't rely on too many supositions and inferences,

Reichenbach Theories » Why? » February 21, 2014 10:19 am

I'll give you my own answer to this one. It is by no means original I've seen it flying around tumblr for one.

John was actually the only person who had to believe that Sherlock was dead, it had nothing to do with the snipers.


Well Sherlock was obviously going after Moriarty's network. Now what would have happened had John known that Sherlock was alive and doing so? He would have wanted to come along and that could no be allowed.
Sherlock says to John that letting him (John) believe him dead for all this time was Mycroft's idea and I think Mycroft conceived of it because he has seen how Sherlock acts when John is in danger. Not the "fake" danger Sherlock often puts him in, but the real kind such in the end of TGG. In these cases Sherlock panics and can't think straight, basically he's too emotionally involved and don't know how to handle it, something that would likely be fatal when going against Moriarty's network.
And therefore John cannot come. But if John knew Sherlock was alive, even if he initially agreed to stay away, sooner or later he would try to find him and help him, thus John must think Sherlock dead.
So the "faking his death" had nothing to do with John's ability to keep his mouth shut, now there wa a bit of blather if I ever heard it, but rather with how Sherlock would have reacted to having John along with him.

Other » The weather » February 21, 2014 9:48 am

Ormond Sacker
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A bit late, but it really is good to hear that the horse i doing better.

Random Sherlockiana » Potential new Sherlock Holmes museum to open in Portsmouth » February 18, 2014 5:10 pm

Should do wonders for tourism in Portsmouth, I'll definitely be going.

General Sherlock Discussion » You know you're obsessed with Sherlock when... » February 18, 2014 10:24 am

Ormond Sacker
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clareiow wrote:

When you see this on the front page of your local newspaper (sorry for repeating from another thread but I just had to!) and you run around the office in front of work colleagues saying "I just need to steal this...."

If this becomes reality then Portmouth will move to the top of my "places I definitely need to visit" list.

His Last Vow » John? Out of character? » February 17, 2014 10:15 am

Ormond Sacker
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Michele wrote:

SherlocklivesinOH wrote:

Wiggins wrote:

Do she and baby die in canon? I've just started reading them having come to Dharkock thi December and rapidly watching and rewatching all three seasons in just a couple weeks time.

I thought I had read online that she dies in child birth but then read on some posts here about her just disappearing.

I wasn't sure and haven't investigated much bc I don't want to end up reading plots of books I haven't made it to you yet.

However even in canon- I believe it's Scandal in Belgrave that starts out saying after the wedding Watson and Sherlock lose touch and a distance forms between after wedding due to the setting up of house and such.

So despite all the angst here- the strained relationship is straight out of canon and honestly true to real world relationships.

Yes, there is a mention in canon of the wedding putting some distance between them. Watson says this; however, there are multiple instances of him jumping when Holmes calls - and going away with him and/or spending the night with him, either at the location of the case, or sometimes even at Baker Street, when there's theoretically no reason he couldn't go home for the night. Also, Holmes' excuses for needing him are often flimsy. And sometimes Holmes turns up at the Watson house in the middle of the night, asks if he can stay over and have Watson go with him on a case in the morning...and Watson seems to sit up with him most of the night.

There are also times Watson drifts toward Baker Street and visits Holmes for no apparent reason (Holmes will be on a case, but Watson doesn't know that when he shows up.)

There is no actual mention of a baby in canon - just of Mary having died before Holmes comes back from Hiatus. And there's a sense of their relationship being stronger after he gets back - Watson moves back to Baker Street and gives up his own practice.

I don't think Mary's death is touched too much on in canon. It's almost a passing com

Other » Free Rants » February 17, 2014 10:05 am

Ormond Sacker
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I might be one of the few people who actually does not feel that bad about the giraffe, but I agree with you on the whale.
When I saw it on the news yesterday I was hoping the entire time that it would roll over and crush the idiots. Either that or the reason it died was some nasty infection that they caught when crawling on it. The whole scene made me want to dance on their graves. Wonder how that would make them feel?

Fan Fic » Question about fanfic genres in the Sherlock fandom » February 17, 2014 9:55 am

If you want a gen series which is also detective try The Baker Street Series. I takes place post S1 and Sarah is still around.

General Sherlock Discussion » You know you're obsessed with Sherlock when... » February 16, 2014 5:00 pm

Ormond Sacker
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When you on a completely non-Sherlock related forum start responding to debates with Sherlock gifs. Granted the opportunity was nearly as golden as the pants one Phantom Lady had, but still.

Suggestions, Questions & Technical Help » A little help? I'm overwhelmed. » February 16, 2014 10:18 am

Veecee if you repeat something one of two thing will most likely happen:

1) If it has already been discussed in detail and the rest of us don't really want to go back over it, some kind soul will likely point out where it has been discussed. This has already happened a couple of times, and no hard feelings on anyones part. Actually it happened quite a lot in the first weeks, so you can easily find five, six, seven different threads which deals witht the same issue., no wonder you're confused.

2) Even if it's been discussed some of us may have missed the discussion the first time - and possibly the second, third and fourth time too - since you are not the only one who has been away, or maybe we have somepoints to make that we didn't think off then. Then we'll pick up the discussion. I've noticed this happening quite a lot in the S1 and S2 parts of the forums where new members of the forum brings something up that technically have already been dealt with but that we are all too happy to rehash

So my advise would be: Nose around in the S3 part of the forum a bit and read, most of the titles of the threads are quite telling so you'll have a good idea of what is covered. If you still have things you want brought up once done with that, ask.

Fan Fic » Question about fanfic genres in the Sherlock fandom » February 15, 2014 7:21 pm

Can I ask a return question? Know that's annoying, sorry, but it's something I wondered for a while.
If Gen is short for General as it apparently is, why does it cover a sexual/relationship pairing? I mean we already have that covered in Het (male/female), Slash (male/male), Femslash (female/female), OT3 (threesomes), so what is really lacking is the category Other. Why Gen at all in this context?

Random Sherlockiana » (yet another) Sherlock Personality Quiz » February 15, 2014 7:06 pm

I'm Sherlock, but then I always get him. Which I suppose is fair since he is the one I am most like.The problem with that though is that in appearance I look like a cross between Molly Hooper and John Watson, so people are always expecting something else. Then I open my mouth and all hell breaks loose.

Other » The weather » February 15, 2014 7:01 pm

Ormond Sacker
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This Is The Phantom Lady wrote:

TeeJay wrote:

Ormond Sacker wrote:

@Phantom Lady. It's funny what a couple dozen or so of kilometers can do. I live just south of Helsingør and when I said "light drizzle" it was more "the rain drops are so small they'er not really falling, just hanging in the air".

Totally random, insignificant comment, but I've actually been to Helsingør. A friend of mine used to live in Copenhagen (she's back in Germany now), and I made sure I visited her at least once a year. One time we took a train up to Helsingør to visit the castle. Really lovely trip, I have fond memories.

I have been there a few times with my family; especially the castle is a beautiful place! Hamlet's castle! it's one of the more beautiful places here in Denmark!

I just learned that we're getting the aftermath of the English storm tomorrow; we're lucky though as it will have decreased a lot

If either of you ever return you have to visit the new Maritime Museum too, it's really good.

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