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Benedict's Non-Sherlock Work » The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses (was "Richard III") » April 11, 2017 8:04 pm

Oh wow, what marvellous news. And fully deserved!!! That look he aims at the camera/us in the very last scene of part II cradling the Crown Prince sends a chill down my spine each and every time. And in Richard III he's so genuinely funny and abhorrent and manic.

Hopefully the BAFTA committee will manage to overcome their prejudices and reward him with the prize at last. For of course BC already deserved it for S1 and S2. 

The Final Problem » Are you satisfied with TFP as an ending for the series? » March 24, 2017 2:02 pm

Vhanja wrote:

And just to show that I can be properly critical towards this show - the batman scene from the pilot wasn't just a bit not good, it was so bad I cringe everytime I see it and hide behind a pillow. Good God, what where they thinking?!

Oh dear, I actually love that scene. And see it as a wonderful prequel to that amazing rooftop chase in ASiP.

The Final Problem » Are you satisfied with TFP as an ending for the series? » March 24, 2017 2:00 pm

SusiGo wrote:

I see what you mean but my opinion is a bit different. I think I can be a fan of something and still view it critically, to clearly state what I like and what I do not like. It is a bit as in a personal relationship. You can love and cherish someone without overlooking or ignoring their mistakes. 

My problem is not in having them go in a different direction than I wished for - they are the authors, they decide. But if the direction they go for seems to deviate too far from what they did before and what they have always said they were doing, I should have the right to say so. 

I do not think that this has anything to do with being loyal or not, I would call it critical. And one can be critical about a thing one loves. 

I agree with everything you're saying here SusiGo. A huge part of my current distress regarding the series is caused by the fact that many of the choices and actions in S3 and S4 don't feel like character development but rather diminishment of the both Sherlock and John, but also Mycroft and even Mrs Hudson and Jim. Sherlock and Mycroft simply are the cleverest people you'll ever meet, period. Doesn't mean their necessarily nice. That notion was so lacking in all of S3 and S4.

The Final Problem » Are you satisfied with TFP as an ending for the series? » March 23, 2017 8:58 pm

besleybean wrote:

I am interested in why some people have become it just Johnlockers or Mary haters?  I really don't know.
Did others not like Eurus?  
I can't get enough of her.

Well, I'm definitely not a Johnlocker. And I was prepared to like Mary but she soon had me gritting my teeth in annoyance. The series was named Sherlock for a reason and it's made right clear from ASiP that he's the cleverest bloke in the room, unless Mycroft is also in the room. Mary continually besting Sherlock and Mycroft at their own game didn't endear her to me. Not because I'm some weird misogynist - I love ASiB and adore Irene (literally) beating Sherlock - but because I simply can't see the point in debasing the characters Moffat and Gatiss had so lovingly created in S1 and S2.

And I can't see the point of Eurus either. Her character repels me and I don't like the notion that Moriarty - the Napoleon of crime after all - was nothing but her errand boy.

But like I said. I'll always be grateful for S1 and S2 for that easily ranks amongst the most beautiful, innovative and well-written and wonderfully acted television ever made.

The Final Problem » Are you satisfied with TFP as an ending for the series? » March 23, 2017 8:41 pm

I'm very happy for both you, Vhanja and besley, for being happy with S4. I agree with you you're not alone in this but I remember after S1 and S2 and S3 first aired there was such a happy buzz on the internet and that's missing now. I couldn't actually share in the S3 happiness but it was a positive feeling all the same and when TAB aired I got my hopes up that S3 would prove but a minor hitch in the fabric. 

Meanwhile I do envy you a bit for I'd so hoped to adore S4 as much as I still do adore S1 and S2.

The Final Problem » Are you satisfied with TFP as an ending for the series? » March 23, 2017 8:27 pm

SusiGo wrote:

To me, TFP does not feel like Sherlock nor like Sherlock Holmes. Not at all. There are some brilliant moments, no doubt, but in the end I am not happy with it. 

This may have been their dream but I would have hoped for a different ending - if this should be the ending. And the reactions of many viewers and critics alike showed that they were not happy with it. So if Mofftiss fulfilled their dream, fine. I wonder if they are satisfied. The silence by about everyone associated with the show including the BBC might be a hint. 

I can't but entirely agree with you here though I do confess I've been none too happy with the choices they've made from the beginning of S3. The restaurant scene in TEH was where everything went awry imo. Of course I'd expected John to be angry when Sherlock popped out of a cake without a prior announcement. But I'd expected that anger to last for half an hour perhaps, after which John would do Sherlock at least the courtesy of listening to him. This is the man that saved John from committing suicide after all. The idea of Mary bringing them together after their friendship was cemented so quickly in the first two series still feels off to me.

Also, it may not be a detective show but it's main protagonist is a detective (or that's the way it was in S1 and S2) so one would expect to see him at work... every once in a while.

This guy pretty well sums up my feelings on S4 (and S3) in the most hilarious way. And he's actually very kind towards the writers and Mary. He simply is as baffled as I am and lots and lots of fans are. The overall silence from both the BBC, as pointed out by Susi, and a lot of die-hard fans who aren't part of the TJLC-crowd is rather telling.

Series Four News » Although, this season got negative headlines, it was… » January 31, 2017 9:21 pm

I confess I was vastly disappointed with the whole of S3. I found Sherlock's approach to John in the restaurant in TEH highly unbelievable and OOC, I was irritated by Mrs Hudson of all people still promoting Johnlock and I missed the clever puzzles. Throughout TSoT I grew more and more irritated with Mary and when she shot Sherlock in HLV I was totally done with her. And I hated that they made Sherlock fall for such a stupid trap and made him shoot Magnussen. I mean, the point of the series is that he's the cleverest man in the room, except when Mycroft is also in the room. Stupid people believe shooting others is a way to deal with a problem, not people that are actually clever.

Somewhat to my surprise I quite enjoyed TAB. Thankfully Mary didn't feature too heavy in it even though she managed to vex me every time she was on screen.

So I was actually excited for S4 and seriously hoping it would be a return to the miracle that was S1 and S2 which I still consider to be the best TV that was ever made. T6T was mainly disappointing though thankfully Mary died at the end. I heartily thanked Vivian Norbury and hoped with this major obstacle out of the way the writers would return to doing what they once did so well. Oh dear, sadly it just went from bad to worse.

What a gigantic waste of so much obvious talent, of so much love and dedication to a series. The set desginers have obviously done a wonderful job, BC and MF and AS did a wonderful job. But why the hell if you've got people like RG and LB dedicated to making this series didn't they make more and better us of them? Why turn what once was the cleverest drama on television into a third rate action film that was nothing but a sadistic universe, the kind of film I tend to avoid if at all possible? The plot holes were so wide they would let a hurricane pass through and nothing would be disturbed. What did they want to prove? That Sherlock is a human being and a good man? He already showed us he was a human being in T

Current Affairs » America first, make Netherlands second because they requested it! » January 26, 2017 4:32 pm

So, a Dutch satirist made a promotional video requesting Trump to make The Netherlands second in his concerns for the general welfare of humanity and world peace. The video is fun to watch. It's scarily well done, full of trademark Trump speak and deliciously offensive if you've got a sense of humour so Trump won't understand it at all. Which is a good thing, probably, for otherwise my country would be nuked into oblivion in no time. 

Basically the video promotes The Netherlands and shows our country might have much on offer to delight Trump. Ponies to ride, a disabled State Secretary to make fun of, and of course we're awfully good at building walls... and oceans. 

But it's become even better. Some wonderful person has put up a petition on the White House website and asked the US government to seriously consider this 'request'.

Which made me lol and hurry to sign the petition. Except I can't because I'm not a US citizen.

We all need lots and lots of humour to sustain us in this totally frigid and dour period. So please, because the idea of having to take this man and his ideas seriously, and seriously fear them, please, if you're American, sign this petition. 

Let humour conquer fear!

Fan Fic » Fanfics from forum members » January 23, 2017 9:28 pm

ewige wrote:

dioscureantwins wrote:

All is Mended.

I wrote a litlle fix it fic. For anyone who is as unhappy with the turn of events in S3 and S4 as I am.

I totally forget how far back one has to go to fix everything.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much, ewige. Yes, I had to travel far. But I'll always love residing in that wonderful world.

Fan Fic » Writers Society - Questions and advice for fellow writers » January 23, 2017 9:26 pm

I'm very sorry to read this happened. Don't like, don't comment, that should be the policy.

You should definitely not delete the comment. Let others see what a nasty and ridiculous person she is. But I also think it's wrong to share this on Tumblr for a laugh. That she might even see as justification of her comment. 

Supreme indifference and no reply is the best policy imo. Even though I realise that can cut deep and hurt tremendously. However, the person who commented is obviously in the wrong. Best to ignore her and not feed her ego.

Fan Fic » Fanfics from forum members » January 22, 2017 2:59 pm

All is Mended.

I wrote a litlle fix it fic. For anyone who is as unhappy with the turn of events in S3 and S4 as I am.

Series Four News » Screenspy about series 4 » January 21, 2017 9:52 am

ewige wrote:

What an amazing article. Thanks for sharing!
I've been feeling like in that story, The King's New Clothes, recently because of all the gushy positive reviews in the media.
This article is very balanced and it addresses a lot of points I have an issue with.

I've been casting S4 as the nightmare version of The Emperor's New Clothes as well. Did really no one dare tell them these stories weren't a very good idea.

Though I suppose they should have told them when they offered the scripts for S3. That's where the rot began.

Series Four News » Screenspy about series 4 » January 21, 2017 9:49 am

besleybean wrote:

I haven't seen many positive reviews and I find this one rather harsh.

I'm very, very sorry Besley but I don't think this is harsh at all but balanced and just. Actually they still seem to trust Moffat and Gatiss of being able to make something better again. A trust, I admit, I most certainly lack at the moment.

Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 28, 2016 7:54 am

La Vita Nuova

I can totally see how this fic would delight any Johnlock lover. Extremely well done.

Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 27, 2016 10:49 pm

Who is Scarlett?

What a lovely story and what a feat to write something like this at such short notice. Bravo!

Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 27, 2016 9:00 pm

Hello SherlockHolmes,

thank you ever so much for my wonderful Santa gift. It truly made my day.

Thank you,


Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 27, 2016 8:58 pm

Blackbeard or how Sherlock stole Christmas.

What a truly lovely and Christmassy Christmas fic with just the right amount of sadness and heartbreak and the perfect dosage to heal those broken hearts. Lovely from first to last.

Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 27, 2016 7:45 am


Wow,mystery author, what a perfect fic you've written. A gripping tale with many twists and turns, both in the plot and on an emotional level. Poor John, such a victim of base feelings and desires, so thoroughly human and feeble, dancing like a moth around the flame. But why does the flame burn so brightly if not to attract and dazzle those humble creatures. Without them the light'd bright flickerings would remain unnoticed in the darkness surrounding us all. Your Sherlock is austere and beautiful and in the end, just as human and John beneath those statuesque layers protecting the soft inner core. 

A beautiful story. Thank you very much for writing this.

Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 26, 2016 8:10 am

Thank you so much for organising this Schmiezi. Apologies for causing you so much trouble.

Fan Fic » Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2016 » December 26, 2016 8:08 am

The Wealthy Bachelor
Hello Mystery author. What an intriguing case you've given us. And what an awful dilemma you concocted for John. He did choose the only viable option though. I really loved your description of Sherlock's violin playing. That really is the way it should be.
All in all a lovely fic.


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