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Character Analysis » Who would suit Sherlock in a relationship? » January 26, 2013 7:04 pm

My personal favorite pairing is Irene and Sherlock. I think they have chemistry and magnetic pull towards each other, despite their better judgment. Its a very intriuging and romantic notion, but such notions are often fleeting.

So although they are my favorite couple as of currently, I think John would be his best match. Sherlock needs someone loyal, dedicated, and understanding.

Why not Molly Hooper, you may ask? She has certainly proven to be loyal, dedicated, and understanding, Very true, and I've considered the possiblity! However, Sherlock does not respect her as much as he respects John. Sherlock is found of Molly and would help or protect her if she needed him, but he doesn't treat her as an equal as he does with John. For a realtionship to work in my opinion, both parties need to feel mutual feelings of not only sentiment, but also admiration/respect/esteem. Since Molly clearly cares for Sherlock more than he does her, their relationship would crumble. (I'm not saying Molly wouldn't be good for him, I think indeed she WOULD, it just wouldn't work).

Character Analysis » Sherlock’s Sexuality: An In-Depth Contemplation and Study » January 22, 2013 11:12 pm

Such wonderful insights from everyone, I enjoyed reading all these response immensely. The bit I found the most interesting was the general agreement that Sherlock feels the need to impress people by his being clever. While this is certainly true and proved on many an occasion, I always wonder how much of it is real and how much is an act.....

What do I mean by this? I mean is Sherlock so aware who he is and how he comes across that he sometimes intentionally restrains emotions? I'm not saying its always an act, heavens no! Its clear that being logial rather than emotional is a natural part of his personality. But every once and a while I get the feeling that Sherlock is afraid of letting on how much he cares about people.

Mrs. Hudson is one example. He doesn't show her constant affection but gets extremely angry when Mycroft tells her to shut up and throws a man out a window when he lays a rough hand on her. John is a similar scenario; Sherlock may act like John's company is equal to is inanimate skull, but we all know how deep his loyalty is to John.

Just some things to ponder....

Character Analysis » Sherlock’s Sexuality: An In-Depth Contemplation and Study » January 21, 2013 7:29 pm

Sherlock’s sexuality is an object of keen interest to all fans and has been greatly contemplated and discussed. I would like to share my opinion on this matter by explaining my thoughts and analysis.

The very first time I watched Series One Episode One (A Study in Pink), I thought Sherlock openly announced that he was gay. I didn’t try to deduce anything or figure it out; Sherlock’s words and actions just seemed obvious. I am mostly referring to the restaurant scene where the topic of sexuality comes up during Sherlock and John’s conversation. Here are some examples of why I believed this:

-When John eludes that it would be quite alright it Sherlock was gay, Sherlock firmly agrees that he knows that already. The way he said it was very defensive so I just automatically assumed he was referring to himself.

- When Sherlock believes John is offering himself as a potential boyfriend to him, Sherlock replies with “I am flattered but I consider myself married to my work”. If Sherlock was straight, he would probably reply with “Sorry you’re not my type” or something similar explaining that he isn’t homosexual. Instead, his reason for not dating is that he is taken by his work already and not on the market, rather than the reason being he is straight.

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t try to shove my assumptions on Sherlock; I honestly believed it was the script writer’s intention to portray Sherlock as gay. Because John denies it so many times (always making clear that they are not a couple, that they are colleagues, that they need two beds, etc). I kept up this belief throughout all of Series One because Sherlock gave no signs of interest towards any women…. However, then Irene Adler came along.

Sherlock and Irene definitely had something. I am not quite sure what, but there was magic and chemistry and perhaps real romance/affection. I honestly believe it was not just curiosity or lust on both sides, I think these two really had something re

Introductions Please... » Recently Addicted to Sherlock; Greetings Fandom! » January 20, 2013 3:52 pm

Harriet wrote:

Hi Caty, great to have you around, welcome
Maybe you could answer to a question that we pm-discussed a while ago: Would Sherlock be a good dancer?

Hi there!! Oh I can answer most confidently that Sherlock would be a WONDERFUL dancer. Didn't you see his shuffling steps during "The Blind Banker" episode? Nice to meet you!

Introductions Please... » Recently Addicted to Sherlock; Greetings Fandom! » January 20, 2013 3:33 pm

Hello online world, my name is Caty! I discovered Sherlock on tumblr quite some time ago, but did not have any free time to watch the series until Christmas break. Needless to say, I finished season 1 and 2 within two days. I'm beyond obsessed already; the characters, the music, the script, the locations... everythign about this show is flawless.

A bit about myself: I am a sophomore at my university and I am a dance major (8 hours of class/rehearsals every day, which explains why I ddidn't have time to watch!!). My interests include a fierce dedication to ballet and modern dance, a love for playing piano and guitar, watching youtube videos and posting on tumblr, drawing artwork especially during lecture, traveling and roadtrips, Captain Crunch cereal, and going to the beach.

I would love to make friends here, so message me! Tell me about yourself! Exchange tumblr URLs! Etc etc etc

xo Caty

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