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Reichenbach Theories » the mystery not sherlock person » February 4, 2013 2:29 am

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so after scutinizing each and every clip of the final episode I have found that there are so many loose ends that there are many possiblities to where each one fits in the grand scheme of things. 
However, to me the thing that stood out the most was the clip where "sherlock" was being taken to the hospital. After speading some time trying to pause at the exact moment i wanted to see, i realiazed that the guy being taken into the hopital was not sherlock. he looked kinda like joseph gordon-levitt, but was definatively not sherlock. After reviewing the episode to find a person that kinda looked like joseph gordon-levitt, I found this person at the end, right after sherlock fell coming next to him with his hand suspiciously in his chest pocket, as some other person's reichenbach ideas mentioned. Now that same guy was seen taking the bed to the hospital, but his back was turned. it's hard to say whether anything of substance could happen withing that short amount of time, but it is quite suspisious about the not sherlock person. If anyone's ideas coincide with mine, please let me know.
Can't wait till season 3!!   

The Reichenbach Fall » "Got something of yours you might want back..." » February 2, 2013 6:33 pm

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Well when Moriarty came to sherlock's flat, moriarty said that he owed sherlock a fall
"I owe you a fall," I think were his excact words, so sherlock, having realized the "final act" after they had left kitty's flat, the final act being the fall, sherlock wanted moriarty to have it back. Maybe sherlock was being cocky in thinking that moriarty would actually fall, but later sherlock pretends to not know was the "final act" was. IDK
just some thoughts 

Introductions Please... » Hello Everyone » February 1, 2013 2:14 am

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Hello people. Thought I'd just say hi! Glad to be here, truely. I'm a new fan this month actually, and so far this is quite an elaborate television series. Can't wait for season 3! 

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