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Reichenbach Theories » Let us start with the assumption Sherlock DID plan his 'death' » July 18, 2012 9:36 pm

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Sherlock jumped because he didn't want to upset "mummy'. We will see in next season's episode Mycroft shaking hands with Robert Downey Jr. Okay, that was just wrong.

The way that Mycroft hovers over Watson is most certainly a clue as to how Mycroft was involved in all of this. Remember, they slapped Jim around a lot and got nothing, but Mycroft did apologize for the things he DID tell Moriarty. Oops, bad judgment on his part? NOT. Mycroft is AS smart as his brother, and would never jeopardize Sherlock's life unless it was staged to stop Moriarty's crime ring.

Who says the snipers were working for Moriarty and not Mycroft? What were the actual targets? Why did we see the cross hairs go from Watson then up to the top of the building before the shot was cut to the gunman? What was the scope intended to reveal? If Sherlock jumped to his death, why would the gunman's POV just be cut off?

I've been sitting in the dark for days with nicotine patches on my arm and I finally figured out the answer. The way Sherlock faked his death................will be revealed in the next episode. God almighty that first smoke tasted good!

Fan Art » Sherlock portrait! » July 7, 2012 5:33 pm

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Am working on a clay sculpt as we speak. Will keep you posted.

Series Three Suggestions & Ideas » Not for the forum, but for producers. » July 7, 2012 5:31 pm

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I think the titles overlaid on the screen as we see Textings or 'deductions' are a brilliant addition. However, not all of us have gigantic screen t.v.s and I have a hard time to read them. Could they be made a little bigger in upcoming episodes?

Reichenbach Theories » Go on then...what are your theories? » July 7, 2012 5:00 pm

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The theories posted so far have proven that the producers/writers, unwillingly (or were they?) turning us all into Sherlocks. God bless them.That being said, it seems that the more 'deductions' that get posted, the more they seem to disregard the one critical clue; "It's a clue that everyone missed that's out of character for Sherlock". That seems to be the illusive part in most theories. What characteristic?

I'll get in line and be among the many posters who are laughed at by the producers. All great fun.

1. The one characteristic that seems to stick out to me is that Sherlock (whether he's about to die or not) would never abandon his cell phone. He does so before he jumps. Think of the info on that phone for all to see. If he were to commit suicide he would have wiped his phone clean of all info.

2. We see a few POV shots from the roof. At one point there are two buses parked in front. Just after that shot, Sherlock has Jim hanging over the roof on the opposite side of the building. Hiding the bus view? Why? Did he get his 'homeless network' to take the buses and arrive at a precise time? They could have all ran out and hid in the entrance that they wheeled his body in after the fall. It was not gated or closed.

3. He gets Watson to stand in a certain spot as to not see this all taking place.

4. Was someone in front of St. Bart's standing and waiting to give the gang the signal to come running out to catch Sherlock (net, group catch, whatever) and the phone drop was the signal?

5. We see the jump, but the impact is a separate view. (cut) Could the group have caught him then gently dropped him to the ground and supplied the blood from Molly? (There could have been a hundred people catch him but the closeup made sure we didn't see others involved.)

6. John was hit by the bike guy allowing time for the group to run and hide in the entrance. (Or, they all piled out previously when John went to the aid of Mrs. Hudson and John's position was meant for him

Reichenbach Theories » Some new, small observations after playing it at lower speed » July 2, 2012 6:20 am

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Okay, I know I'm grasping at straws now, but does that line of bricks next to Sherlock's body spell something? Almost looks like lettering.

Reichenbach Theories » My guess how he faked it! » June 30, 2012 12:38 am

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First off, when I saw Molly at the Christmas party, well, I'd say Sherlock is WAY too busy thinking about other stuff!

That said, when the little girl screamed, she obviously saw Sherlock's face before. Moriarty hired a double for the kidnapping. When Sherlock is about to fake his death, and gets Watson to witness it, we never, EVER see Sherlock on the ledge talking on his phone. We see far shots (Watson's POV) and closeups of Sherlock talking on his cell phone. (Other location on the roof) Never shots on the ledge while Sherlock speaks.

Sherlock, with his brilliant wisdom, 'deduced' from clues who the double was and brought him to the rooftop and hid him out of site from Moriarty until he was dead. He told the double that he had two options: 1. Go to prison for life for kidnapping, or 2. End his life, as everyone knows how prisoners would treat child molesters/killers in prison.

Remember, we NEVER saw Sherlock talking on cell with his feet on the ledge. The double jumps, Sherlock runs down the stairs as Watson gets bumped by a hired biker while the double's body is removed (with the help from Molly) and Sherlock takes the double's place on the ground. Watson grabs Sherlock's hand but did he check his pulse? PTSD. His professionalism doesn't apply here.

Molly's team scrambles and removes the body quickly. Watson is devastated. Shot of Watson at Sherlock's grave while Sherlock fights back (with all his might) the biggest grin on earth.

Season three: PTSD is the least of Watson's horrors.

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