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Character Analysis » Sherlock- Asperger's syndrome and sociopathy » April 5, 2014 6:45 pm

yes!  you found a pattern that I can easily see   fits even from canon-- Sherlock's peculiar frame of behaviours and patterns...    
  the one thing I am still curious about is the fact that Watson was needed to treat him for' nervous exhaustion'  he termed it from time to time , and I recall him saying  at the end of a long and difficult case where Sherlock went day in and day out in his usual fashion of not sleeping/eating much that it brought Sherlock  into the blackest of  depressions ....    he took him away at times  to quiet places especially later in life to restore his physical and seemingly mental health..  would the schizoid diagnosis allow for such episodes??


It's Canon » Find the original & post other nods to the canon (merged topic) » April 4, 2014 8:32 pm

well.. I've tried to ensure I won't be redundant in my comments but it's more than possible I will be..  sorry.. I may try to go last epi to first epi maybe not all at one go
1) when Sherlock freezes in HLV, it's reminiscent of the moment in Silver Blaze when he realizes his reliance on press reports have led him in the wrong direction                                                       
2)  Molly's tirade is of course almost  word for word Watson's tirade against Sherlock                      
3) brother mine is a canon phrase between Mycroft and Sherlock i believe
1) the Jones that will get the credit if Lestrade leaves is a nod to Athelney Jones another DI in canon
2) his wedding speech, so many phrases straight out of the books
3) Lestrade's theory of the killer coming through a vent reminds me of the Speckled Band
1) the deducing of the train-aficionado's hat(does he have a name?) in Greek Interpreter the brothers do a deducing of a stranger on the street
2) als the fact that it was a hat deduction-- is that a reference to the hat in Blue Carbuncle?
3) Mr. Windibank and his daughter in 221B is a nod to the Case of Idenity..  who Sherlock thought should be horsewhipped... 


Introductions Please... » Hello fr Western Canada » April 4, 2014 7:33 pm

yes, I've told my European family/friends,  from my location to a city in Eastern Canada like Montreal, is like driving from London to Ankara, Turkey...  literally...  and I don't have family there so it's a vacation destination more than anything.. but lovely absolutely

Character Analysis » Sherlock- Asperger's syndrome and sociopathy » April 4, 2014 7:19 pm

you do notice in canon as well  the way he agressively  avoids social interactions which speaks volumes,  as well as his difficulties in understanding emotions and their nuances, being almost in horror of them,  there are many who experience difficulty  as he appears to,   and I don't say the answer in medication,  I am on the spectrum myself and I take no medication.. but I identify so much with Sherlock,  especially the wedding reception scene when he is alone,  that has been ME so many times.

Character Analysis » Sherlock- Asperger's syndrome and sociopathy » April 4, 2014 7:10 pm

for me, I noticed canon Sherlock seemed to  almost self-prescribe his drugs  to deal with ongoing  symptoms,  I just wondering whether its due to an organic mental imbalance? and  that he is trying to medicate..  the 'work' seems to  allow his brain to catalogue, make mental leaps at a frenetic rate, he is able to channel that almost destructive  energy into something constructive.. and when he can't he substitutes it with narcotics when necessary..      isn't that what ACD's portrayal indicates?   

Introductions Please... » Hello fr Western Canada » April 4, 2014 6:22 pm

yes, Montreal is interesting.. but being almost 2000 miles away, I dont see it much lol..  Ioving this site.. thanks for the warm welcome

Character Analysis » POLL: Favourite character after Sherlock & John - Take 2 » April 2, 2014 11:59 pm

figures Moriarty is running so high... every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain, right?   I love Molly tho..  Moriarty, John, Mycroft, Irene and Lestrade are all canon characters that we kinda know what they're capable of, but a female associate I suppose of Sherlock who is stepping out from the woodwork and assuming her own identity... that's kinda new, right?

Character Analysis » Sherlock- Asperger's syndrome and sociopathy » April 2, 2014 11:19 pm

I do think that canon Sherlock was generally languid,  eccentric, and  moderately anti-social.  He appears to have found that casework dispelled the depressive condition he could easily sink into,  as could a syringe of cocaine..    What other if  any psychiatric, pyschological or physical condition could there be that one would find that cocaine would alleviate the severity of the symptoms, we have to look at that, that he was trying to treat his own condition?? And we know he did not always take a case, but it is true when called upon, he could rise to the level of being of use to royalty literally.      I do think that Mycroft's engineering of his Eastern European stint was his way of dealing with a brother that had become a very hot political potato..  it had little to do with his actual qualifications, in fact the inference is that he would be put in as an operative in  a sting of such high risk, there was almost no chance of coming out alive.  It's been done before I would think.   

Introductions Please... » Hello form thailand » April 2, 2014 10:47 pm

I just joined yesterday..  I'm from Canada,  Hello!!

Character Analysis » Sherlock- Asperger's syndrome and sociopathy » April 2, 2014 8:54 am

if you go by canon,  I'd almost classify him as bipolar? with some almost autistic tendencies as well..  Benedict plays him not quite as clearly swinging between that legendary  frenetic energy and  languid dissoluteness of book Sherlock.. especially if you go by S3 ..   but the lack of ability to truly enjoy and understand social interactions  is ALWAYS an issue throughout, as it must be if he is to truly embody Sherlock...  

Character Analysis » Mary, a Holmes? » April 2, 2014 4:37 am

with storylines that get as complex as Moftiss' it is not outside the realm of possiblity for Mary to be a Holmes and for Janine to be a Moriarty, not sure if marrying John to a female Holmes is too smart of them, given the ship wars that go on though.  She is smarter than Sherlock at times in these episodes, and that has given me a lot of frustration with this episode, but if she's a Holmes it explains a lot.  I'll have to listen for the father quote, and re-watch.  When does Sherlock figure this out??  in Silver Blaze he figured out early on his first premise was wrong, but he NEVER let on to even John until  the denouement, but he was so dumbfounded when he realized his error at first he sat frozen til John got his attention.  when CAM says,  'Wish your family were here to see this'  ..  Obviously she had a different family that something bad happened to??   lots of possibilities, but I actually would approve personally of her being a Holmes!!  what did Mycroft do.. he said he didn't let sentiment affect him in regards to the other one... hmmm  sorry for the choppiness it's made my mind spin a bit

Introductions Please... » Hello fr Western Canada » April 2, 2014 3:56 am

I am brand new to your forum.. but was drawn in by the great discussions...    I am on Tumblr and Twitter if you care to ask me sometime..   I have been a fan of ACD's Sherlock for about 25 years or so..  am a fan of Benedict's present recreation of the great detective, as I was of Jeremy and Basil .  Interested in everything Sherlock pretty much...  hope to meet other like-minded fans here..

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