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Character Analysis » John Watson, says to Sherlock I'm trying to get off with Sarah » May 15, 2014 7:40 pm

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John Watson, says to Sherlock I'm trying to get off with Sarah, right as she shows up that is probably the funnniest/most awkward scene Martin Freeman ever been in, what is your take on this scene guys?

Character Analysis » Poor Janine » May 6, 2014 9:31 am

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This Is The Phantom Lady wrote:

I have a feeling Janine might have known; maybe not Sherlock's entire plan but had a feeling all along. Like it has been said I also feel like she would have sold her story to the press in the end...

And hey; what wouldn't one do for those cheekbones?? 


The Sign of Three » Why did Sherlock leave the wedding early, looking so sad and dejected? » May 6, 2014 8:56 am

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Bruce Cook wrote:

Emerging triumphantly from the challenge of being best man and solving a murder plot at the same time, why did Sherlock leave the wedding so abruptly?
I had to watch the episode three times before I suddenly got the simple and obvious clue as to the one huge disappointment Sherlock suffered, and how this triggered his sudden discomfort caused by standing in the middle of a room filled with happy, socially successful people.
But I don't want to answer my own question, so I'll leave this dilemma to you folks.

I think the ending of that episode was rather sad, i mean he had spent quality time writing all these speeches, he also talked about all their adventures together and he really, really was nice to John, saying how John saved so many lives, and that he would be nothing without him aswell as how John had saved him so many times, in "so many ways" including being a close kind hearted friend.

And he wrote a beautiful Waltz to John & Mary, dedicated to them in a very significant way, and when they zoom in on the letter saying for Dr & Ms Watson, also how he mentioned the 3 of them that being said John, Mary and their Baby he brought so much joy to the both of them, and then having John said there are rules for only the two of them to dance together, he looks around to search for Janine who i think he grew rather fond of, to see her dancing with another guy getting rejected and the feeling of not being needed anymore kind of sadend him, i really got emotional during the ending of The Sign of Three, non the less Ben is an outstanding actor.
I'm sorry for my horrible English grammatically.

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