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His Last Vow » Season 3 difference in POV; Sherlock VS John, not a machine, after all » February 10, 2014 1:28 pm

Tinks wrote:

Sherlock spent the rest of the season trying to make things up to him and we very nearly ended up exactly where we started - with Sherlock banished from his life again. Only this time John seemed perfectly content to let him go

Yes, that's what struck me, too. John doesn't do anything to make the Farewell easier for Sherlock. He tells him that the game is over. One of the worst things you could say to Sherlock as Sherlock's  whole life IS the game. Then he tells him that he and Mary will not name their baby after Sherlock. He could have said "If it's a boy, we will think about it" especially as he knows that it's a girl. There is this moment when Sherlock holds out his hand and John takes his time to accept the hand.  It's just so sad to see Sherlock waiting. Everything Sherlock says and does in this scene expresses that he desparately wants to stay a part of John's (and Mary's) life. I do not see any such thing from John.


Benedict's Non-Sherlock Work » Benedict with Murray and the Count! » February 5, 2014 10:16 am

Everything I love about this man (to clarify: the second one from the left) is in this video.

The modesty, the kindness, the cuteness, the politeness, the britishness, the childishness, the smartness, the warmheartedness (is there such a word?). I don't mention sexy because that's not what I love him for. That's just a veeeery nice bonus.


Series Four Suggestions & Ideas » Suspicious scenes from season 3. » February 3, 2014 2:30 pm

besleybean wrote:

I think they're both learning  to express themselves more, which also means facing up to the real dangers ahead...

Not sure about the "learning to express themselves" but I agree on the real danger ahead. I think (hope) that eventually it will be Sherlock who has to (and will, reluctantly may be) do something grand and brave to save his brother in one way or another.

His Last Vow » A.G.R.A » February 2, 2014 1:49 pm

Silverblaze, Willow,
your ideas are all very interesting.
I wrote in another thread earlier that I think that Mycroft manipulated Sherlock into taking his laptop to CAM. I would now say that Mycroft did not manipulate Sherlock but somehow knew what his little brother was up to and just silently went along with it because it suited his own purposes. That's why he was at his parents house for christmas. He hates christmas! Even Sherlock being out of hospital would not make him attend a christmas dinner with his parents and PEOPLE! I'm not certain if Sherlock knows that Mycroft knows but I have a feeling that he does. Their conversation in the garden starts with Mycroft saying that he was glad Sherlock had given up on the Magnussen-Business. Sherlock asks (in disbelieve ?) "Are you?" Later, Magnussen is referred to as a dragon, Sherlock as the dragonslayer. Mycroft says Sherlock had more utility closer to home because "Here be dragons". May be that's Mycroft's way of telling Sherlock that he knows about the plan and that he's ok with it.

Just some thoughts.

His Last Vow » Mycroft's admission of Sherlock's importance » January 22, 2014 10:43 am

After watching HLV several times (okay I am a bit slow) I can't help thinking that Mycroft was either in on the plan or -perhaps more likely- knew about it and did nothing to stop Sherlock because that's just what he wanted. Therefore his remark about Sherlock's "Utility". Also CAM mentions that Mycroft was waiting for an opportunity to get to CAM for years and he now must be a very proud big brother. So it's not Sherlock who is using Mycroft but the other way around. Of course, the plan goes wrong because Mycroft did not foresee that Sherlock would kill CAM. I think he is genuinely shocked and for a moment out of his depth because even for Mycroft it is very difficult to help his little brother in this situation ("Oh Sherlock, what have you done?").

By the way Sherlock's reaction to the utility-remark broke my heart a little.

His Last Vow » New molly! » January 17, 2014 2:04 pm

Did anyone else wonder in TEH what Sherlock meant when he said to Molly that she was the person who mattered the most to him because it was she who made it all possible? But she could not do it again. She looks at her engagement ring and he says "Congratulations by the way". I did not understand what it was that she did and why she could not do it again. In HLV she says that Sherlock had used her bedroom as a bolt hole. So I think now that he was hiding in her flat/bedroom after he faked his death.

Could that be? (Or am I stating the obvious?) A bit confused here.

His Last Vow » Sherlock's love for John » January 17, 2014 7:52 am

miriel68 wrote:

silverblaze wrote:

For me, this subtle portrayal is much more beautiful and realistic than the crying and hugging thing that some people seem to prefer. Maybe it's just a difference in taste. 


agreed. I think one hug in a season is quite enough for Sherlock and Watson and the understatement works far better than explicit gestures. However, for the very first time in the whole three seasons I had the feeling that in HLV BC upstaged MF: especially in the farewell scene. It is not to say that MF performance wasn't excellent: it was. I still think it was rather because of the way the script was written, but somehow - for me - something was not entirely satisfying in John's reaction and body language.

I also prefer subtlety. I prefer emotions to be conveyed by little gestures, looks and so on.

To give an example, there is this scene when Sherlock and John are sitting on that bench waiting for Bainbridge to come off duty. Sherlock sits perfectly still, hands folded, when they talk about Major Sholto. When John starts to talk about his forthcoming wedding and that it won't alter anything Sherlock shifts in his seat and moves his hands. You can see he is  moved by this,  he doesn't need to say it. There are loads of examples.

As for the acting, I think both Martin and Benedict are brilliant but imo additionally Benedict is mesmerising. They are both very talented but pretty different actors. I prefer Benedict's way of acting. This is completely a matter of taste, I know. And also a bit off topic.

His Last Vow » Sherlock's love for John » January 16, 2014 10:46 am

Just some thoughts:

1. The Friendship/love-thing
I don't see their relationship as in anyway romantic. I think they are friends, very good friends who care about each other as friends should. To me the bond between two friends can be as strong as between two lovers, sometimes even stronger. May be friendship is like love without the butterflies. Someone said earlier that there isn't such a fine line between love and friendship. I agree wholeheartedly. Someone else (or perhaps the same person) said that there aren't enough words to define all possible kinds of human relationships. I also agree. It depends on so many factors how you see things, for instance your experience and your cultural (not quite sure if that is the right word for that) background. To my experience englisch native speakers tend to use the word "love" much more quickly than german people use the equivalent in the german language.

I think we are all agreed that there is something very special between these two men. How you name this is up to every single one of us, if you have to name it at all.

2. The tarmac scene
At first I also thought that John's behaviour was a bit odd. But after watching the episode three times I now think that the scene was perfectly written and perfectly played by both Martin and Benedict.

John can barely look at Sherlock. Why? Because he doesn't completely approve of what Sherlock has done? Because he is confused? Because of the pain of losing him again? Because he can't handle all the emotions, all that had recently happened? Who knows...?

John had a bit of a rough patch lately. He had to discover that his wife is an assassin and that she nearly killed his best friend. He had to process this information. He came to the conclusion that he loves her nonetheless. Then he sees the man whom he admires for his wits and cleverness being outwitted and humiliated by a super repulsive villain. And to top that all, his best friend executes that man. This is all hard to swallow,

The Sign of Three » Did anybody count the 3's in the Sign of Three?? » January 11, 2014 11:04 am

Sherlocks guesses John's middelname three times. Henry, Humphrey, Higgins

Introductions Please... » First things first... » January 11, 2014 10:59 am

Thank you to all of you.

Davina, Lady shave, actually. It's usually safety, I think.

The Sign of Three » The "new" Sherlock - emotions and all that » January 11, 2014 9:26 am

I am not saying that she has no family. I am saying that she wanted Sherlock to believe that she had no family.
Anyway, the family-thing is just one piece.

The Sign of Three » The "new" Sherlock - emotions and all that » January 11, 2014 9:02 am

Surely not. But when Sherlock mentions to Mary that her side of the church looks a bit thin she replies "Friends...that's what I have". Indicating -perhaps-that she has no family and suggesting (to me) that she never had one.

The Sign of Three » The "new" Sherlock - emotions and all that » January 11, 2014 7:27 am

I am not so sure that Sherlock really was as emotional as we are all supposed to think. I have the strange feeling that he used the wedding and the speech for his own purpose which is to find and eliminate CAM, even if he doesn't know yet exactly who he is. Sherlock already knows that there is something wrong with Mary. She told him she is an orphan yet the telegramm says "...wish your family could have seen that". And Mary is the one who received the messages about John being in danger in TEH. So Sherlock knows that John is in danger because of Mary.
May be Sherlock wants to challenge CAM and wants to make him believe that he, Sherlock, is most vulnerable when it comes to John and Mary. He lets CAM know that he cares about John and Mary. His vow at the end of the episode was not (or not only) a vow to John and Mary but (also) an invitation to CAM to the game. He uses John and Mary as a bait. His motivation hopefully is also to protect them in the end but he is surely  eager to start the game.

Pretty dark, but more like Sherlock than him saying and meaning all those sweet things, much as I loved to hear them.

Introductions Please... » First things first... » January 11, 2014 6:39 am

Hello, this is just to introduce myself. I am from Germany but currently living in Southeast Asia. I have been hooked by the series since the moment I saw "Wrong!" appear on the screen. At the age of 40 I can say that I have never been a menber of a fandom or a fan forum before (I usually tend to stay away from social media) but I guess "Sherlock" changes everything...well, a lot.

Looking forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas about the Nr. 1 Consulting Detective.

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