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Character Analysis » Moriarty's Sexuality » February 12, 2017 2:39 pm

I don't know, it's really difficult to label him.

​I see his "attraction" to Sherlock the way I see Sherlock's "attraction" to Irene. Mostly intellectual attraction. Possibly some sexual tension. Less probably love. But I could be wrong of course.

Like Sherlock, I think he is more attracted to people's mind than to their physical appearance or whatever. Which would explain his little "dance" with Eurus because gender wouldn't be an issue (even if I agree we him apparently more attracted to men)

​It seems like sex is just a game for him. Something he uses to provoke people, make them uncomfortable, a power "thing" but also something which simply seems to excite him (i.e, if Mycroft had replied to his "How'd you want me?" question with something like "My desk. Right now", I could easily picture him getting all excited, "wooohooo!" and starting to get undressed, just like I could also imagine him having crazy hungry sex with Eurus. And he apparently doesn't mind sleeping with his bodyguards)

The Final Problem » Mycroft in TFP » February 4, 2017 8:05 am

​Tbh, I was glad Sherlock stood up for Mycroft in the "infuriated Mummy Holmes" scene, but it still left me a bit dissatisfied to the point I started writing a One shot fanfic just after the episode aired (i'm nearly done with it now, just haven't had much time to write lately) in which Mycroft leaves the room when Mummy is lecturing him because he just can't take it anymore (him leaving the room makes her even more angry lol) and goes to the bathroom. Sherlock then follows him and they have a talk during which Sherlock tells Mycroft he has to stop always blaming himself for everything (he always does. TRF, TAB, TFP... He's always saying "this is my fault", "i'm sorry"...) and basically thanks him for everything, and tells him the roles can be reversed too, and that he'll always be there for Mycroft. Mycroft is on the verge of tears and Sherlock encourages him to let it go and hugs him.

​Thank God we can read/write fanfiction about all those moments we would have loved to see in the series

Other Cast & Production Team » The young Sherlock cast » February 3, 2017 10:05 pm

I think there really is a likeness between Mark and that Aaron kid. Dunno, look at the 1st picture Liberty posted... The eyes, the mouth, his expression... He was really convincing!

​Anyway, here are some pics I shamefully stole from the young boy's twitter account

​(Is that "Red beard" in the yellow jacket??? )

​(I like the "pirate with a spyglass" postcard --??-- Benedict is holding! )


TV Programmes » German TV is getting its own "Sherlock Holmes" » January 30, 2017 5:10 am

I don't know about the German series but as I was trying to find a trailer, I came across informations about a French series whose filming began in June (it already aired on belgian tv, from what I understood. And i've just seen the trailer. The main character also wears latex gloves lol)

​It is called "Prof T", and is about a criminology teacher who is cynic, asocial but brilliant (rings a bell? lol). He has apparently a lot of OCDs and phobias, one of them being bacillophobia. It prevents him from having any physical contact with others. He will have to face his fears (both social and emotional) when he helps one of his former students, a female police captain, in her investigations.


I imagine this is the French version of the German series? ​

Series Four News » Official BBC releases - Series 4 - The Game is On! » January 24, 2017 5:29 pm

Lis wrote:

Do the dvds/blu-rays have audio commentaries for any of the episodes?

​Well, I've only tried the second DVD so far (I have the simple DVD edition, not some special one) and there doesn't seem to be audio commentaries (unless I've missed Something? )

​There are some interesting bonuses though (have only watched parts of them so far):

​* Behind 221B: three 20 minutes documentaries (one for each episode) narrated by Rupert and with commentaries from Mofftiss, the actors etc
* John and Mary's flat
​* Script to screen
* The writer's chat
* Mark Gatiss video diary Part one: on set
​* ..................................... Part two : final scènes
​* Video diary with Danny Hargreaves
​* 221B set timelapse

Moftiss » Favourite Mark pictures » January 24, 2017 5:05 pm

Yitzock wrote:

Oh my! It looks like he might be using a fish-eye lens or effect.

​My new laptop wallpaper:


Moftiss » Favourite Mark pictures » January 24, 2017 10:40 am

Screenshot I made from his Video diary on S4 dvd: he looks tired but cute

Series Four News » Official BBC releases - Series 4 - The Game is On! » January 24, 2017 10:27 am

The postman just brought me Season 4 DVD. Oh, this is a good day

The Final Problem » "I love you": a man's perspective - oh, just read it... :D » January 24, 2017 10:21 am

SusiGo wrote:

Eurus forces Sherlock back into his old cold-hearted persona he has fought hard to leave behind. 

​I agree with that. The "old" Sherlock wouldn't have minded forcing Molly into admitting her feelings for less than that (i.e in TGG, if Jim had sent him a text saying that if he wanted to play a game with him, he'd have to make Molly say "I love you" to him, I'm sure Sherlock would have thought of a sly way to do so and without any scruple, just like he manipulated Janine).

​I don't really like the idea of "New" and "Old" Sherlock, as he is the same man, but it makes things easier to explain so i'll stick to that

When he is smashing the coffin, my first thought was that the "new" Sherlock was angry because he had (involuntarily) hurt Molly, who he considers as a close friend and that the "usual" Sherlock was angry simply because he had lost.

​We know how playful he is but we also know how much he hates to lose! (in TGG, when the old woman is shot and that 12 persons are killed in the explosion, Sherlock seems more concerned about losing the game than about the deaths of those persons "Well, obviously, I lost that round.")

The Final Problem » TFP- Favourite scenes (photos/gifs) » January 23, 2017 8:31 pm

Ivy wrote:

nakahara wrote:

My God I love three piece suits, but it's at his hottest when the jacket is removed. I wasn't really listening to the dialogue in that scene, only starring at his outfit. 


​Same here!

​I've always found Mark beautiful and I've always loved that kind of suits (or vintage suits in general, like I had never paid too much attention to Colin Farrell but God, in that 20's 'wizard' suit he is wearing in Fantastic Beasts, wow! ​) so Mark in that kind of suits (and you're right, it's even better when he takes his jacket off!) is absolutely gorgeous!

​As for Martin's eyes, I have never been able to tell their colour. To be honest, I saw him in a couple of movies before Sherlock (I think the first movie I saw with him was Ali G in 2002, I thought he was really cute in that one) and it's only when I saw him in Sherlock that I realised his eyes weren't actually light brown like I thought they were!!

​As for Ben's, yes, we had talked about his central heterochromia here:​ (I had also posted pictures of my eyes because i didn't know if I had central heterochromia too or not. Still don't know for sure )

​And Mycroft in the "i don't imagine it's much of a target" scene is amazing. Love him so much!!!


The Final Problem » What would have happened to Sherlock if Mycroft had died in TFP? » January 23, 2017 12:47 am

Yes, exactly. Mycroft can tell Sherlock "I'm not lonely" a hundred times, he definitely is. At least, from what we are shown on screen, he's got no friends (in SIB, he was alone at home on Christmas' night!) and his relationship with his parents (at least Mummy holmes) seems quite complicated. He has no one but Sherlock.

​I wrote a fanfiction in which Mycroft was dying a couple years ago and that's what I actually pointed out: Sherlock was asking him what he was going to do without him, telling him he needed him, and Mycroft thought "That’s what you believe. That’s what I used to believe too. The truth is that I’ve always needed you more than you ever needed me. You’ve got friends. John Watson. Mrs Hudson. Molly Hooper. Gareth Lestrade. Or is if Geoff? Me... I have no one but you, Sherlock.​"

The Final Problem » What would have happened to Sherlock if Mycroft had died in TFP? » January 22, 2017 11:27 pm

I have always thought that Sherlock, despite the constant bickering with his bro, would be devastated if anything happened to Mycroft (and I just can't imagine if Mycroft died by his hand!) but now I know (and Sherlock knows as well!) everything Mycroft has been through to protect him, I think he will find it really hard to cope.

​As for more down to earth problems, I believe Mycroft is a very organized and foresighted man. I'm pretty sure there are already tons of papers (notarised agreements??) filled with precise indications as to what to do if he were to die tomorrow, about his work in general, but also about Sherlock. He's spent his whole life protecting Sherlock. He knows he can die any day. Surely, he wouldn't take the risk to leave without making sure his brother is protected and can keep on working properly (= being able to intervene in Scotland Yard's cases, being given special accesses etc). I don't like the idea of a potential romance between Mycroft and Lady Smallwood, but I like the idea that he would trust her enough to let her take over if anything happened to him.

Random Sherlockiana » Got any Sherlock related collection stuffs? » January 20, 2017 6:20 pm

Ah, I have never met him, sadly. (the autograph was given to me by a friend)

(and i got Benedict and Martin's autographs with the Big Chief Studios figures)

​Yes, if I ever met him (I can't see that happening, unfortunately... No chance he comes anywhere near me in France, and as for the SherlockED conventions, I couldn't make it to the first one in London --the timing was bad-- and I was so happy when I saw the dates for the next one --I could take days off work this time-- and then I realised it was in Birmingham. Too far, too expensive...), asking for his autograph wouldn't be the first thing which would cross my mind. (although, of course, if he proposed himself to sign something for me or to take a picture, i would not say no, obviously! )

​I think it would be lovely just to chat with him (even if it were just a minute) but I would be far too shy, wouldn't know what to say, would be afraid to make him waste his time...

​I mean, there are only a couple of "celebrities" (singers, authors, actors...) who I really admire and adore (mark is one of them). I have only had the chance to meet one so far: Graham Coxon (Blur's guitarist. I'm a huge fan of his solo career). I have been lucky to win a ticket for a very private Blur's gig in 2015. I spent the whole concert standing just in front of Graham ( next to the foot of his microphone) and was already in Heaven. My little boy (who happens to love Blur) had drawn something for Graham's birthday and I had written a letter in which I explained how much his music meant to me. Just in case. At the end of the concert, I found the courage to tap him on the shoulder, but when he turned around and came closer to me, I was pratically speechless and felt like I didn't know how to speak English anymore. ​ I felt so embarrassed! (I managed to give him the letter and the drawing though)

​I think the same thi

Random Sherlockiana » Got any Sherlock related collection stuffs? » January 20, 2017 1:48 pm

Thank you Nicole, Ewige & BB

​BB: which items would you like?

​I added "Sherlock Cluedo" and calendars to the list, I'd forgotten about them...

The Final Problem » Best single lines or dialogue » January 20, 2017 1:41 pm

One of my favourite lines is "He did his best". I thought it was sweet that for once, Sherlock stood up for his brother. Maybe he finally realised that they were on the same side... (Mycroft in ASIP: "Did it never occur to you that you and I belong on the same side?")

​I also love Mycroft's "That's why I've always despised you": it must cost him to say this, when you know he's basically spent his whole life looking after Sherlock, worrying about him... There's Nothing he wouldn't do for Sherlock, not even dying.

​Well, I could quote the whole scene actually (i really like his "You said you liked my Lady Bracknell" like it was of some importance at such a moment) but I'll finish with his lovely:

​"I suppose there is a heart somewhere inside me. I don't imagine it's much of a target but why don't we try for that?"

​This line really broke my heart...

The Final Problem » TFP- Favourite scenes (photos/gifs) » January 19, 2017 10:25 pm

Ivy wrote:

​I hadn't even noticed he had put on "fake hair" (or whatever it is) to look younger.

The Final Problem » Poll: Did you cry while watching TFP? » January 19, 2017 6:35 pm

I really don't cry easily on fiction. Well, I actually don't cry easily at all.

​But I had a pain in my chest and a single tear rolled on my cheek when Mycroft started to say all those bad things and that I immediately realised he was doing that to make things easier for Sherlock.

​Tbh, I'd asked to be spoil on only one thing, and that was on Mycroft. I knew before I watched the episode that he wasn't going to die (that was my greatest fear as he's my fav character)

​I think if I hadn't known for sure that he was going to make it alive, if I had thought that he could die at that moment (I still don't think Sherlock would have shot him, but still...), I genuinely think I would have burst into tears.

The Final Problem » TFP- Favourite scenes (photos/gifs) » January 19, 2017 6:26 pm

I think  he's got quite a Mark Gatiss touch in him  I don't know, it's in his facial expressions...

(btw, it's OT:  I thought the young Sherlock was adorable, don't get me wrong, but why did they choose a redhead child? Just like Steven's son in HLV had quite light hair too. I know it's just a detail but I'm sure that they would have no prob finding a boy with dark curls? Was Sherlock supposed to have a different hair colour when he was a kid? I know this happens, my bro was blond until the age of ten and then his hair turned dark brown. My hair was also lighter when I was a kid. But still...)

Random Sherlockiana » Got any Sherlock related collection stuffs? » January 19, 2017 1:20 am

Nicole: ASIP manga, i'd love that!

Anyway, I thought I'd already posted in that thread but it turned out I hadn't. Well, here we go!

​* All ACD books in different editions (English and French)
* The Casebook
​* Sherlock Chronicles
​* The Sherlock Holmes Book
​and a lot of pastiches (I'm particularly fond of novels approaching Mycroft or the Holmes brothers' childhood), books which are supposed to help you think like Sherlock (ie. "Mastermind: how to think like Sherlock Holmes" or "The definitive book of body language") and a couple of books related to Sherlock BBC's team (Mark's novels, Ben's biography...)

​* Obviously all Sherlock BBC dvds (season 4 dvds should arrive in a couple of days), in several editions.
​* Complete collection of Granada version
​* Complete collection of Sherlock Hound animated series
​* Other Sherlock movies (ie. The private life of Sherlock Holmes, The secret of the pyramide - Young Sherlock, Guy Ritchie movies...etc)
​* Not Sherlock related, but Sherlock BBC Team related (ie The League Of Gentlemen complete collection + movies starring Mark, Ben, Martin...)

​* Big Chief Studios signature edition figures of Sherlock and John (and I'll order Mycroft's figure when it is released)
​* Hand made Sherlock and John dolls purchased from Etsy
​* BBC shop small action figure of Sherlock
​* Funko Pop figures of Sherlock (violin version) and Mycroft
​* A "Detective Conan" dressed as Sherlock doll

​* Mark, Benedict and Martin autographs

* 2 mugs
* a deerstalker hat
​* Sherlock Cluedo
​* Honeybourne Jewellery 221B door necklace
​* Sherlocked ear studs
​* Mycroft themed earrings (snowflake + umbrella)
​* 221B yellow smiley pocket mirror
​* Sherlock and John busts (the ones whic

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