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General Sherlock Discussion » Lady Sherlock hand made costume » January 26, 2019 2:53 am

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I am currently following this charming young lady on Youtube. She sews by hand intricate and difficult period clothes, always taking care to use the most accurate and period correct techniques and materials as possible.  

She is now starting a new project that she calls "Lady Sherlock"... Yep! She's gonna interpret what Sherlock (ACD's Sherlock) would have worn, had he been born a girl. 

Her work is generally very interesting (and, for a sewing buff like me, fascinating to watch) and I look forward to discovering this project. 

For those of you interested, here is the link:


Introductions Please... » Greetings from Quebec Canada! » August 2, 2018 6:28 pm

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Hi there! I've just com back from my (fabulous) trip to England and I wanted to share a weird thing that happened on the way back and how my tired brain played a little trick on me. 

So, it's half-way trough a 5,30 h hours flight from London to St-John's. I don't watch many movies but since I can't sleep when on a plane, I look trough the selection and decide to watch " Murder on Orient-Express". Poirot's mustache is incredible but the actor playing the character has these naging moves and looks that play on my subconcious for the first half of the film when suddenly I have one of those "Eureka moments": the reason my mind is so disturbed by this actor is because I know him! It' Martin Freeman! And for the next half of the story I keep recognising his eyes, the way he moves etc. And I'm wondering at the strange twist of Freeman playing the role of a very famous detective...

Until the end credits run and I DON'T see Freeman's name at all but Kenneth Brannagh's... The two do look very much alike but I was so SURE it was Freeman...Turns out my mind WAS playing games with me... But not the one I tought...

Other Adaptations » Simon Reade's Play: Sherlock Holmes The Final Curtain » June 3, 2018 11:56 pm

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Sounds lovely. Wish it would come to this side of the Atlantic!

Introductions Please... » Greetings from Quebec Canada! » May 15, 2018 9:39 pm

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Sorry for the delay (work... and it is spring over here so I've enjoyed being outdoors without a coat!)

Thank you Besleybean and Liberty! I think choosing will be difficult since I like nature, history, art, museums... Right now the only thing that has been decided is the first week in London (but no details). 

Is it true that you can visit museums for FREE?

Introductions Please... » Greetings from Quebec Canada! » May 6, 2018 1:43 am

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Sooo excited! You know why? (no sorry, it's not about a series 5 for Sherlock but almost as good, for me): 
 this canadian is heading for a 3 week trip to England!!!

1 week in London than 1 week inthe Corwall area and finaly Yorkshire... If you know some thing that you think I should see, feel free to make suggestions!
I'llbe there from 10th to the 31st of July!

Fan Art » Fan art » March 3, 2018 12:26 pm

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Wow! Love it!

Other Adaptations » Mr. Holmes » February 3, 2018 1:09 am

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I don't know if there was a topic discussing this  movie. I just watched it on Netflix and was very moved by the lead actor's rendering of Sherlock Holmes in his very old age. Poor man trying to solve one last case with his fleeting memory and terrible loneliness...

I cried like a baby to the last scenes. A very tender, gentle and in the end, sorrowful story. 


General Sherlock Discussion » How would your perfect S5 look like? » January 25, 2018 10:22 pm

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A co-worker of mine nearly gave me a heart attack today: she burst in saying: "Did you know there is a new season of Sherlock that just came out?"


Turns out, she was refering to a new season being released IN FRENCH (the fourth).

You can imagine how disapointed I felt!

Sherlockian Merchandise » "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" T-shirt » December 8, 2017 12:14 am

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I just found this site with a buch of cool t-shirts. Only problem: wich one di I choose?

Fan Videos » Fan Videos » December 1, 2017 9:30 pm

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Rache wrote:

A newly discovered  beautifully sad video.
I didn't expect this to be so emotional.

So intense! 

Random Sherlockiana » Songs that remind me of Sherlock (but are totally unrelated) » November 24, 2017 3:17 am

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This is actually my favorite piece from this same album. To me, some passages evoke those two years where John tought Sherlock was dead and others could be Sherlock’s and John’s future after season 4 and their knack at beeting the odds (« killing death »!)
It was a challenge to translate but I hope you like it!
Here’s the link to the actual song . Enjoy!

I hear
I hear the countdown
Of time
Struggling to chase that joy away
Of the good old days
When everything was easy and paved in advance
But together, we will only be stronger
Killing death
Killing death
Waiting for my turn to come
Struggling to chase away sorrow
Of those days when everything seems useless and lost in advance
But together, I know we’ll be strong enough
Killing death
Killing death
No… No… No… No…
My own mind, my tormenter
Throwing me touhghts , hurling knives
Spinning on a turntable, I am
Hanging on to my memories
Spinning, over and over
Dizzying my life
Between past and future
Egregores sucking
Spiraling me down
Despite my struggling
Motion amplifying
Life is beauty, naturally
Life can hurt crosscurrent
I’ll take my time
Before time takes me
Tired of calculated risks
I’m taking one
Time to chase away
Past sorrows
Cultivating silence
No end, no beginning
As a man from nowhere
I’ll be this flaming arrow
Striking society’s wall
If I can kill time
I’ll become immortal
Walking the present’s hall
Reaching another level
Understanding my moves, my actions
Accepting change
I say YES to life
Initiating motion
Light is eternal
I’m a being wrought of light

J'entends le compte à rebours
Du temps
Qui peine à chasser la joie...
Des vieux jours, alors que tout était facile et tracé d’avance
Mais ensemble, on en sera que plus forts
Pour tuer la mort
Pour tuer la mort
J’attends qu’arrive mon tour
Le temps
Qui peine à chasser la peine...

Other » Free Rants » November 23, 2017 10:11 pm

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Yitzock wrote:

I hope the renovation works out OK in the end! My family and I have had some hiccups in our plans last year.

Renovations can be difficult. My partner and I havelived trough many minor and major renos. Patience is key. It's only walls after all.

Today the "tile crisis" was resolved fairly easily but then I had to leave work and buy a ceiling fan in a rush. It's OK, I know it will be worth it in then end.


Other » Free Rants » November 23, 2017 2:32 am

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So: we started our renovation of the bathroom today (or rather ou contractor started while we were at work.) We came back to a washer and a dryer moved to the kitchen, muck all over the floor aaaand... the wrong tile... Fortunately, it wasn't glued to the floor yet but we have to send it back and then wait for the correct one to be delivered.  I guess I will have to get used to having my house looking like, well, 221B's kitchen for a while!

Random Sherlockiana » Songs that remind me of Sherlock (but are totally unrelated) » November 11, 2017 8:27 am

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Some friends of mine make beautiful music. Their latest album has a couple of songs that made me think of Sherlock.One of them could relate to Sherlock and Euros (or to Sherlock and John when Sherlock is high). The lyrics are in french but I asked for their permission and translated it.

Here is a link to their album. Just click on the song entitled:"Là-haut" (song number 10). And here are the lyrics in english. Enjoy! 
La vue qui donne le vertige
De mon toit
Où je contemple
Ce que je n’ai vu depuis longtemps…
Le cœur comme le ciel qui s’étend
Tout béant
Et je crierai : « Au secours! »
Dès que cessera le vent…
Qui sera celui qui me fera descendre?
Je me sens seul
Si bien, mais seul
Regarde bien cet homme là-haut
Qui se terre dans les airs
The sight that gives me vertigo
From my roof
Where I watch
What I have not seen in a very long time
My heart like the sky spreading
And I will shout : « Help! »
As soon as the wind dies out
Who will be the one to help me down?
I feel alone
Up there
So well but alone
Up there
Watch closely that man up there
Who hides in the air

Other » Free Rants » November 10, 2017 11:35 am

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No, but I might be tempted to spend my winters in Florida or something like many other Canadians when I retire. For now, I will simply... bear with it.

Other » Free Rants » November 9, 2017 11:53 pm

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The first winter storm is coming. I HATE winter. Aaaand live in Canada so my nightmare is just starting.

TV Programmes » Any Star Trek fans? » October 17, 2017 8:42 pm

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Loooove ST! The original series, THE BEST. Was a trekkie before it was cool. Have got almost 200 ST novels too. But I am also a fan of "The next generation". 

Do not care much for the more recent movies though...

"Corner store", "milk bar" (cute!). I live in Quebec Canada. Out here, in french, that's "dépanneur" and our english community (mostly in Montreal) has adopted the word also. I don't know about the rest of Canada.

Fan Fic » Johnlock Fic Recs *warning - adult content* » October 13, 2017 11:14 pm

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Just read it! Loved it! Thank you for the reference!

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