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Introductions Please... » I don't like wearing pants » June 20, 2013 4:30 pm

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d'aww yall are sweethearts and i just met you!
yeah, fma is basically my religion, (slightly ironic when I think about it) but i make time for my bbc buddies to join in my fandoms. c:

The Reichenbach Fall » Why the Crown Jewels? » June 20, 2013 4:26 pm

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I think that the Crown Jewels video game relation might have been a clever reference from the writers, or, as kazza said, just a well placed coincidence.
And i still find it silly how people thought he was trying to steal them, i mean really. he could have stolen them from 100,000 miles away if he wanted to. He just wanted to express his fablous power. ;)

A Scandal In Belgravia » What is it with Sherlock and Irene? » June 20, 2013 2:11 am

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I think Sherlock loved the challenge Adler brought, not specifically Adler herself.
She uses her body as a weapon, gaining the upperhand by manipulating reactions in some people's morst vunerable state (sexual need can bring someone's defenses down completely) then stands right back up and struts out in confidence
Sherlock is, obviously, drawn to a challenge, so when he finds 'The Woman', she takes him down, I think he's honestly having fun trying to figure her out and beat her.
When he is confronted with her loss, he has to stop for a second to understand what he has lost, and how is effected him differently than almost anyone else.
He was attached to the idea of someone he could mentally spar with, and try to get the upperhand. 
I think. That probably sounds dumb.

Introductions Please... » I don't like wearing pants » June 20, 2013 1:53 am

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The title, btw, was not in any way a reference to Scandal in Belgravia
I just dont enjoy the use of trousers.

My name is Eselin and I am butterfly grl's daughter...
apperently one of y'all said having a sherlock addicted mother and daughter team would be cool.
i dont complain.

introduction i guess? Im a sophmore in highschool, i swim and cry (yes crying is a pasttime i do it often enough from my horrible addiction to sad tv)
i thouroughly enjoy sherlock, dr who, supernatural, fullmetal alchemist, the avengers, and shipping pairings that make me roll on the ground weeping.

mmm thats it 

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