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Music » What are you listening to? » June 27, 2021 9:00 am

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With the pandemic, concerts, sports, travel, and bars/restaurants have been severely curtailed so a lot of people stay home and watch TV series to counter the boredom.

I've watched a disproportionate number, lately. I'm kind of running out of the very good ones. I've seen here the odd thread with one reply or none, talking about this or that TV series.

I wonder if we start a thread for everybody to recommend his/her preferred TV series, we'd get some traction and would get to know some good ones we haven't watched already.

Just to get it started, some good ones I've liked a lot:

Killing Eve - Extremely compelling main character, a sexy and funny female professional assassin, being chased by a conflicted female FBI agent, and they get attracted to each other, generating all sorts of wild situations. Well written, great dialogue, action, suspense, intrigue, great acting, this series has it all, especially the first season which was written by the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge - the subsequent seasons aren't half-bad either but maybe a bit less brilliant than the first one.

Fleabag - Talking about Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this is pure genius and one of the best TV series I've ever seen in my life, a full-blown masterpiece that will make you laugh AND cry. Simply amazing, with one of the best writing in history, and the brilliant director and writer is also the main actress and she does a great job at all three tasks. It starts pretty outrageous and comedic but by the end of the first season a huge twist gives it a much deeper and darker tone but it remains funny although it's bitter-sweet. This can't be missed, and its impressive number of awards is well-deserved. My admiration for this one is unrestrained.

The Expanse - One of the best sci-fi series since great iconic classics like Battlestar Galactica. It's very realistic, great special effects, interesting and complex characters plus a lot of politics, which is unusual for a sci-fi series and is very well done,

A Study In Pink » Good review & DVD commentary » June 18, 2021 9:16 am

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These discs are pretty decent on my Malta but they pixelate on my Panasonic so depending on what stand alone you are using these may or may not be good for you.  I still preffer the Apple ones, I have less trouble with them than anything.

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