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A Scandal In Belgravia » What is it with Sherlock and Irene? » May 16, 2012 7:06 am

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I agree Sherlock came to admire Irene for her intelligence, cunning and gamesmanship - she's a worthy opponent - she certainly wasn't boring! Was he in love? Not likely (yet), sentiment is chem defect on the losing side, but I like to think he was finding himself challenged and perplexed that he might actually be experiencing this defect - because something about Irene had sparked it.
I think both of them started out being intrigued by one another's game, the intrigue eventually becoming admiration and respect, and heavens! leading to sentiment. Irene revealed her hand first literally - but Sherlock's actions in assisting her in Karachi - reveals his, perhaps. I can't imagine it was all to fool Mycroft!

Introductions Please... » Hi! » May 16, 2012 6:17 am

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PBS finally began its broadcast of Sherlock series 2 in the Bay Area! I'm a bit behind but glad to find the community of fans.
I live in San Francisco, work in biotech, enjoy BBC productions among other things, and look forward to the speculations, the musings, the wishful thinkings. Cheers!

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