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Martin Freeman » Midnight of my life - short film » June 17, 2015 2:13 pm

An interview with the screenwriter, very lovely: . Some infos about how she got Martin on board. 

The only bad info is that he still have problems with his back, i hope it is not chronic. 

Sherlockian Merchandise » BBC Sherlock figurines? » June 10, 2015 9:01 am

It seems a new Sherlock doll,also 1/6 , will be produced: . I find the big chiefs one more Benedict like (i finaly bought it and i like it even if it is a little tricky to makes pics out of it, is a bit shiny), only the coat seems to be thinner and better... I wonder if they will make a Watson figure too and if the resemblance will be better (quite tricky to get Martin's face on a doll as it is very lively and changing and as such an imobile doll face might look strange, it will depend which "face" they will choose). 

Edit to add: it seems that it is not a licensed product ( ). This and the lower quality explain why is cheaper.

Meanwhile, Big Chiefs launches a new Sherlock product, this time the door (very tempteting, but God, is sadly too expensive for me). 

General Sherlock Discussion » plot believability in Sherlock » May 28, 2015 8:31 pm

What intrigues me is why John doesn't correct Sherlock in TBB about the link hand vs right hand. He as a leftie use after all the right hand to shut the cabbie and is a "crack shot" at it, so obviously he is very much used to shot with the right hand before having problems with tremors in the left one. 

Awards » BAFTA 2015 (for Television) » May 10, 2015 8:56 pm

Oh dear, i really didn't expected for Benedict to not win

Congrats the whole team for the Audience Award, which shows what a popular show Sherlock is, even when it was shut down from the critics this year!

Awards » BAFTA 2015 (for Television) » May 9, 2015 11:00 am

Ivy, where will you watch it?

Awards » BAFTA 2015 (for Television) » May 9, 2015 12:13 am

I'm sure it will be like Emmy all over: he was not the favorite there and also not present.  

Awards » BAFTA 2015 (for Television) » April 27, 2015 3:10 pm

I have a feeling that this year will break the ice. It was a too massive year for him to not end with a highlight! (i mean end, as in season awards ending).

Awards » BAFTA 2015 (for Television) » April 27, 2015 3:06 pm

And that makes very strage that they didn't get any BAFTA for it.

It's Canon » Johnlock: The Official Debate » April 27, 2015 1:51 pm

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I wonder if anyone, regardless if Johnlock believer or not, is happy with John not  living in 221b. I miss their interaction and their domesticity, i don't like seeing John as an outsider to his old home. 

Awards » BAFTA 2015 (for Television) » April 27, 2015 1:47 pm

I think they didn't won till now any award for cinematography. Which is very sad, as i think Sherlock is very well made for a TV show and would hold with a lot of movies made for cinema (i cannot come with one better in esthetic at the moment in TV, anyone?). 

Congrats for the team! Sherlock woudn't be such a great show without this great technic team (as comparation between pilot and normal series shows, for a great show not only the actors are important but everyone!)

Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 27, 2015 12:45 pm

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I think that is the problem,they did not use the convention as a place of celebration of Sherlock as such and as a meeting point and communication between the fans. They could have organize a "clue hunting" , the place for Cluedo and operation games, some place about the ACD Canon (even. vs. BBC Sherlock). 

I loved at the pther con the idea with the ASBO police. They should involve the fans more in the organization next time, it lookes a bit sterile this year. I would take this year as an exercise from them, but i wonder if there is a place where someone can give them feedbak and ideas for next time....

Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 27, 2015 9:36 am

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Lily, thank you for your report. Wow, what an experience. 

I hope they will do another con and they will learn and make it more interesting. I think the panels were the best at this con from what was offered.

It's Canon » Johnlock: The Official Debate » April 26, 2015 12:04 pm

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Liberty wrote:

I think their chemistry is limited too, but I do think Sherlock treats Mary differently to anyone else - there's a softness and lack of sarkiness towards her, that is unusual for him. He almost defers to her.  And the comment (in the panel) is made in the context of saying that Sherlock failed to deduce Mary because he liked her.   I agree that the ganging up is not always shown in a pleasant light, and I think that could be a reason for John not liking their connection.   As I said, though, I don't really see it in the show.   Although any excuse to rewatch is good. 

I still put my money that if a third Holmes exists, Mary is it. That would explain why Mycroft did nothing after Mary shoot Sherlock....

Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 25, 2015 7:13 pm

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Lots of interesting things  today! I wish we hear more from the fashion discussion and the technical ones, i find always such technical tid-bits fascinating, so i hope we will get to hear more. Benedict, Sue and Andrew gave all very interesting comments (till now i read very few about the others). All are smiling and seem genuinely happy to be there. Some pics with fans are really funny and the cosplay also.

But i won't chill about JW exhibit. It was one of the top things promised, so making something so unpar with the not-promised displays is very meh, especially when Martin is not there and they had to "supplement" his absence with something. This exhibit was for me the thing in which i was most interested, so yeah, i am more than dissapointed. I didn't expected it, i was sure that they won't reveal very important things to the plot, but this.... Not from such a professional team. If they coudn't be arsed to research basic info, they should have invited RAMC and do more justice to the thema. 

I was more positive about this con than most of people, i was not upset about the prices, even when i coudn't afford it, but when i am dissapointed, i am and i cannot put it under the carpet. I still find a lot positive about the con, but they did not justice to the second important character of the show (and the main reason i am interested in this show), so i am major gutted... 

Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 25, 2015 6:48 am

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I don't get the JW exhibit, why they done it so poor. All other exihibition are great and classy there, the clothes, the 221b room, the exhibit about the cases, etc. Why the hell they make it worse than any tumblr manip i saw is beyond me. Right shoulder? 


Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 24, 2015 2:10 pm

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Should we make a spoiler thread? The first pics are already on tumblr....

Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 24, 2015 1:48 pm

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I will come from 7 CET but if you have other times to propose , is no problem, i will keep watching the next two days at different times anyways .

Upcoming Events & Competitions » Sherlocked - The Official Sherlock Convention » April 24, 2015 11:29 am

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Have fun everybody! Bring loads of fotos and happy and funny memories! I cannot wait to hear what they bring and i hope they keep realistical in the JW-exposition (they did use real combat images in ASIP, i hope they will keep with the reality of british army, the soldiers who were in Afghanistan deserve that so i hope the Sherlock team have informed themselves accordingly). If someone is so nice to make some pics at the Big Chief Studio stand and inquire if they will release different Sherlocks and Watsons for each serie, would gain my eternal appreciation . I have already the 1/6-Watson, is amazing, hogh quality, but i am somehow not so happy how the 1/6 Sherlock looks in pics, so i hope they will release other (and is also too expensive, i keep an eye everywhere, but at the moment 260 euro is a tad too much - i wish you to have better prices at the convention for them). 

We, who have not the chance to go to the convention, how about to meet here at the evening time and watch at the same time Sherlock or discuss some themes? It would be fun to meet here as we wait for the first impressions .


Character Analysis » Is Sherlock selfish? » April 9, 2015 1:05 pm

No, Sherlock in not totally amoral and we also see that he evolves in time. He is mere like a child in his amorality. 

But i disagree with Magnussen being amoral, he is very creepy immoral IMO. The way he choose to use sexual assault (even when small, i will still count them as such) to distraught his victims and gain power over them, show me an immoral person. He knows very well what he is doing there.He knows when he taunts his victims and loves to do it. He loves his psychological games and knows how to use his power, which for me shows a great deal of immorality. 

I think that an amoral person would do bad because he cannot imagine the repercussion of his acts, but Magnussen plans and knows which buton to push to get what he wants. He is very aware about morality when he blackmails Lady Smallwood.

Character Analysis » Is Sherlock selfish? » April 9, 2015 8:20 am

nakahara wrote:

NatureNoHumansNo wrote:

SusiGo wrote:

Sherlock asks if caring for people would help to save them. This is a legitimate question and it shows that he is indeed trying to save them. He believes that he works better when he distances himself from feelings. One might argue that saving somone you do not care for is even more selfless than saving someone you do care for personally. 

And he says " not caring is easy for me". Distancing himself is not an effort for him, it's the way he is. I don't say it's selfish, I say the notion of selfish/selfless isn't taken into account.

In the scene you are refering to, Sherlock continued to try to find the solution of the case after stating that he does not care about people - which resulted in the life of a small boy being saved.
John, who was giving him a tantrum, on the other hand, was prepared to stop helping Sherlock - his "care" would result in a boy´s death.
What matters here is an actual result, not mere words.

Tantrum? Being concerned about other human beings is tantrum? When was John prepared to stop helping Sherlock? 

We have two different men here, one who reacts more emotionally (John) and one who learned to react more rational (Sherlock). None of these way is selfish. Is being human and different. 

I think it is safe to say that Sherlock is rude, for him the end of the road is more important than how is the way, he doesn't spend too many thoughts about morality. I think that he is more amoral, not immoral like Moriarty, and here comes John as his conductor of light, to translate for him the emotions in words - that helps Sherlock to evolve and we see that like a red thread from S1 to S3. Not because Sherlock doesn't have emotions but because he doesn't understand them easy. I think that come oft to people who develops too quickly in the rational (IQ) but normal or slower in the emotional part, they tend to think that the emotions meands weakness. Lots of genius kids are ea

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