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Meet The Members » anyone else completely OBSESSED with sherlock? » October 2, 2012 5:30 am

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John stomped his feet, trying in vain to get some of the feeling back into them. It was the coldest night of the year (10 degrees below 0!) and snowing horrendously. By Murphy's Law there had of course been no cabs in sight, forcing him to walk home from a double shift at the hospital. The only thing that he wanted was a hot bath and sleep, possibly after taking a bit of tea to wind down.

"I get to sleep in my own bed," Watson sang off-key as he turned the key to let himself into 221B Baker Street, "I get to sleep in my own bed! I get to sleep without being woken by two interns having sex in the cot next to meee- Oh god what the hell are you doing?"

Sherlock sat cross-legged on the floor calmly humming Vivaldi's Four Seasons amidst an array of about 50 beakers full of chemicals. Judging by the large cloud of black smoke above his head and rotten eggs smell, a few of them had reacted not-so-nicely.

Suggestions, Questions & Technical Help » Start a post about john and sherlocks possible bromance?<33 » October 2, 2012 5:13 am

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Sherlock and John certainly do possess all of them. Johnlock, rated for sexual themes. Hey, tell me if you want me to expand on any of the ten in a review. I'll see what I can do.It's an ordinary day at 221B apart from the fact that Sherlock's speaking in French. What John doesn't know is that he has an aim. What Sherlock doesn't know is that while John may not speak French, he's almost fluent in Sherlock.

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