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Meet The Members » Meet the Members! » June 25, 2015 9:37 am

Harshal Shetty
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Hey All. A nice platform for us to know each other!

Harshal Shetty, from India. Friends address me as "Shal".
I turned 20 on 09.04.2015.

Recently completed the three Sherlock seasons, so highly "Benedicted"

I love Painting and reading! Oh, Books are everything for me!
Not a huge collection though, just 55 of them!
I am a less socialising person, and do not have many friends! (But I believe in the relation with these lesser friends and not in their number)
I can't talk much about myself, like, you know, the good qualities in me, but I am a bit sensitive! I know that!

Hope to have an amazing discussion with everyone, and know each other well!!

We ought to know each other, as this is a group with a common factor of Love for Sherlock!!!

Introductions Please... » Hey Sherlockians! Greetings from Shal! » June 24, 2015 12:55 pm

Hey all! It's me, Harshal. From India. And, us. Divided by countries, united as Sherlockians!
His Intelligence attracts us the most, no doubt. And his Mind palace! And his friendship with John Watson. And him being a Psychopath! Hey?? He's not a psychopath, but a high-functioning Sociopath! Eh? And..., that, we all are like, "I AM S_H_E_R_ LOCKED" Ahaa!!!
A female fan, like me, isn't uncommon with this handsome sociopath but I even adore Jim Moriarty, if asked next to Sherlock. And Irene Adler and the cute Molly. Sherlock is just so incomplete without John, and the way he just gets on his nerves on realising Sherlock kept lying for 2 years about him being dead.
And, both getting drunk in the Episode "The sign of Three"... I couldn't stop laughing...

Have a good time...everyone!!!
And, Think! it's the new sexy!

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