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A Study In Pink » Which pill was the poisonous one?? » February 23, 2016 3:12 pm

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Are we talking about the unaired pilot or the official Study in pink episode? Because Sherlock wasn't drugged in the official one.

Before, we see the killer we find that he made a mistake. That made him feel human. When Sherlock was with the villain, everything about the villain was so in your face so mad evil genius that some people who watched the episode have related that it kind of snapped them out of the show's groundedness. But I loved it. He felt like the real deal. Like a dragon towering over a knight. In this case, Benedict's not the dragon. Hehe.

Anyway, the way he spoke. The frustration and anger he has towards people because they don't think. He could have lied about anything else but to him that doesn't matter because he cared only about the game. The game is important to him because it reflects his worth and moves away from his image of a funny little man. The fact that he could lose was the thrill of it all. That he was clever to outlive others using his head is euphoric. Kind of ironic because his head is the reason he might drop dead any moment.

He said "What's the point of being clever if you can't prove it" not just to Sherlock but to himself as well. "Clever enough to bet your life." He's dying anyway, why not bet his life on who's superior. This is good enough not to cheat. In this way, Sherlock and him are of the same feather. The cabbie at this point has his pill out of the bottle. Ready to take it.

"You're not the only one to enjoy a good murder. There's others like you except you're just a man. And they're so much more." Of course there is a real possibility that he's just a really good liar. He's not really a genius at all and he was guided on how to manipulate Sherlock into a deadly game. But then that's just denying that there are others out there that could take over the mantle of the Napoleon of Crime. In fact, there are other geniuses out there, other than Moriarty or Sherlock, with a spectrum of motives and ambitions. The cab

A Study In Pink » Which pill was the poisonous one?? » February 23, 2016 10:27 am

Replies: 144

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Hi. I came across this thread and decided to register to join the discussion. In 2013, I watched the episode and the game amazed me at how simple it was and how complicated it seemed to be. I am closely familiar with the game because I actually played it. Not the deadly version, of course. Just two small strips of paper rolled up into identical cylinders. One reads "Poison. You're dead." The other is blank. I assume the role of the killer. And anyone who played against me is the "victim". I played it 10 times. I was never "killed".

We have to remind ourselves that  the actions we make, no matter how arbitrary they may seem, are determined by prior events and that people are predictable. Depending on the situation and victim, the game changes. The victims of the cabbie were all afraid. Fear makes people even more predictable. Because they don't think, they just act when afraid. That relies on instinct or gut-feeling. And gut-feeling is a proto-response when our brain automatically processes any input. This is why the "move" the cabbie does is very powerful. Moving one pill towards the  opponent. Plus, he emphasized to Sherlock that, "I'm not gonna kill you, Mr Holmes. I'm gonna speak to you, and then you're gonna kill yourself." You can't really read minds but you can understand how they think(by studying people) and you can make them do what you want with the power of suggestion or NLP.

As I said, each play of the game is different. In my case, death is an abstraction and only a story element of my version of the game. So I got players who actually think. That might seem more difficult but I have known these people for two years. Lived with them in a huge dormitory and they have been almost like family. I know how they think, act, or speak. Half of them were really smart but I got the better of them. One even played twice to prove he can beat it.

This does not make me better than them or supernaturally smart. In reality, I have already studied them for

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