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The Final Problem » Questions about TFP » January 17, 2017 4:30 pm

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ewige wrote:

Kiara_Katsura wrote:

Again, totally not having anything to do with the current convo but

When looking back, his thumb was not bleeding when he pulled out the sword or when facing the clown, i still can't pinpoint the cause 

(i don't know why i'm so intrigued by this small occurrence xD)

I have noticed that too. However it's a dorsal scratch (it that the correct word? I mean it's not on the inside, fleshy side of the thumb but on its other side). I don't think Mycroft could cut himself on his sword like that. Maybe he caught his hand on the landing when running around.

Do you think it was on purpose, or do you think Mark legit hurt himself and no one noticed, and possibly when they did, they decided to leave it?

The Final Problem » Still unexplained secrets? » January 17, 2017 4:28 pm

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I'm still dying to know what was in the letter Molly gave to Sherlock from John.

The Final Problem » Redbeard & Mind Control » January 17, 2017 4:25 pm

I agree with Liberty, he didn't necessarily mind control the parents or Sherlock. He told the parents their daughter had died in another fire where she was taken, simply to take away the pain, and their involvement. With Sherlock, that was on his own, he was so traumatized he erased her from his memories and everyone was aware of this, and to ensure his mental stability, everyone went along with his belief. Mycroft brought up redbeard and "the east wind" simply to see if it would cause a certain reaction from Sherlock that indicated he was remembering her. 

The Final Problem » Questions about TFP » January 17, 2017 4:21 pm

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Again, totally not having anything to do with the current convo but

When looking back, his thumb was not bleeding when he pulled out the sword or when facing the clown, i still can't pinpoint the cause 

(i don't know why i'm so intrigued by this small occurrence xD)

The Final Problem » Questions about TFP » January 16, 2017 9:59 pm

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Random questions but, did anyone else notice Mycroft's thumb bleeding after Sherlock revealed it was him messing with his bother in the beginning? What was the cause?

The Final Problem » Mycroft in TFP » January 16, 2017 9:58 pm

So do you think Sherlock knew clowns was a fear of his brothers? (if it is a fear of Mycroft's)

Also anyone else notice his thumb bleeding at the end of being scared by his brother? What was the cause?

The Final Problem » The Final Problem: First impressions » January 16, 2017 8:47 pm

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besleybean wrote:

Okay I have only just got to a point where I can actually start through other peoples posts and responding to them...though I am hoping for a second view tonight.
-yes the whole season has been fast and furious.  They had a lot to fit in.  But I disagree about their being no breathers, there were some fabulous moments of humour...apart from the beautiful touching scenes.
-CS was a fine baddie for S 4.  But they had to round off the Moriarty story.  At least he was dead.
-I didn't want Irene again, either.  But she is obviously important to Sherlock and we just have to accept that.
-Yes Mary appeared strongly, too.  But she was important to both John and Sherlock and at the end of the day this is Mark and Steven's vision. Whether we like it or not.  Well John and Sherlock are obviously happy being Mary's boys.  It's all about them and not us.
-ok I confess I have missed Sherlock's text or didn't realise it's significance...but he will not be propositioning John, that's for sure.
- I don't understand the issue with Molly?  That was a beautiful scene.
- I actually don't understand the issue with Euros, either.  She wasn't behind everything, as in all of the crimes.
-I think some of it was meant to be ridiculous:  like the jump out of the window...have people had humour bypasses?!
-John still has his wedding ring on?  Of course, he still loves Mary
-on the horror thing:  I don't watch them as I don't like them.  But I loved this, so it worked for me.
- parentlock.  Very cute.  But it's not parentlock.  It's Daddy and his best friend. John still seems to have his own house.
-How the feck did I MISS Paul Weller? I love him!
-Mystrade?  Where.  Sherlock asks Greg to take care of Mycroft, I was actually a bit concerned for Mycroft's health after this.
-Mark and Steven love Molly, that's why they keep giving her lovely scenes.  But Sherlock is not in love with her, simple as.  She is a good friend.  She got off lightly!
-Well I thought

The Final Problem » Questions about TFP » January 16, 2017 6:42 pm

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stoertebeker wrote:

kgreen20 wrote:

tonnaree wrote:

John is the fourth.  Sherlock made it clear that John is family now and should be treated as such.  
Mycroft has a brother-in-law in spirit if not in canon.  

Or a second brother, rather, since there's never been any romantic involvement between Sherlock and John.

Question is, will Mycroft ever accept John as a second brother in spirit?


I think, he already has. He was willing to die for him (well, instead of him to be precise).

I think it was more for Sherlock, he knew how much John meant to Sherlock and how much John helped Sherlock in ways he feels he can't. He believed that if only one of them was left to watch over Sherlock, it would be best for John to remain.

Also, maybe destroying the flat was meant as a clean slate type thing? Even though they fixed the flat to its previous look, it was

The Final Problem » Mycroft in TFP » January 16, 2017 6:30 pm

Pops wrote:

meowraahsan wrote:

I have been in love with Mycroft Holmes since the series began, and my love for him grew exponentially as the series progressed. The Final Problem was an absolute dream come true for me for many reasons. One of which, was the character development we got to see for Mycroft Holmes. He finally feels human.

​Just to highlight a few key Mycroft scenes from this episode:
1. It was lovely and hilarious know that he's corny at heart. Watching a racy, romantic film noir on a projector, all by himself; mouthing the lines because he's watched it so many times. Too damn cute. It's okay, Mikey. You'll get a girlfriend/wife soon enough (I hope so).

2. The childhood videos, photos and flashbacks of fat Mycroft. How adorable!

3. The grenade scene between him, Sherlock and John Watson was thrilling and absolutely hilarious at the same time. Them staying absolutely still while deciding what to do was so funny and genuine. Mycroft's references to him playing Lady Bracknell throughout the episode had me in tears laughing.

4. Mycroft disguised as the ship captain. I guess all the Holmes siblings are great at completely transforming themselves, in terms of their accents and mannerisms.

5. Mycroft's rage-fit towards the governor (incredibly hot).

6. Mycroft's general reaction towards the atrocities that Euros was committing before his very eyes. He seemed to be the most human of the 3 (him, Sherlock and John), but that's plainly because he isn't as experienced as Sherlock and John when it comes to handling such high pressure situations. Sherlock and John clearly have nerves of absolute steel; true heroes. Mycroft was visibly disturbed by what was happening to them and even gagged when the governor shot himself. This is a side of M. Holmes we haven't seen before - a very vulnerable and horrified Mycroft Holmes. Phenomenal acting from Mark's part.

7. Mycroft got owned in thi

The Final Problem » The Final Problem: First impressions » January 16, 2017 6:47 am

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Oh god where do i start...

Honestly i feel sad and lost and..without words. 
There was so much that happened and it was honestly alot to take in.
I loved Mycroft being scared by Sherlock, and damn his umbrella that turned into a sword and then a gun. Not to mention can we talk about the small smile he had while watching the family videos. 
Wow the sister was...beyond words. I thought it was bad enough the thought of her throwing a dog down a well, but when John lifted the child's skull from the well water and it was revealed, it was...deep. The whole thing was so so messed up and was intense to say the least. 
Also i feel bad for Mycroft, knowing all these things and holding all the weight, having to watch both his siblings fall (Sherlock almost with the drugs) And him egging on Sherlock so he would kill him instead of John was upsetting in it's own way, not to mention when Sherlock put the gun to himself, i screamed so loudly. Molly's whole scene was upsetting as well. 

That's all my jumbled head can put together right now, i think i'm still in shock...

The Final Problem » Movie and clown » January 16, 2017 6:04 am

I think maybe because the clown was more threatening and even so more in-human? Like a monster.

The Lying Detective » The suicidal and selfharming lady » January 13, 2017 4:41 am

I'm also very intrigued by this fact, i want to know, if she really does have scars of self harm, and if so why? As soon as i realized it was the sister, that was one of my first thoughts and not many people (atleast my friends watching it with me) cared that much about the small detail.

The Lying Detective » Favourite scenes (photos/gifs) » January 11, 2017 3:33 am

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okay so it's not from season 4, but its funny as hell and works for season 4  (my sig)


The Lying Detective » Why didn't Sherlock recognise his own sister? Discuss! » January 11, 2017 3:00 am

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So i have been dying for some place to talk about Sherlock season 4 and i found this site  

Sherlock in the past has stated deleting things (hence the solar system) If that's true, i can't wait to see what happened that was so bad he deleted it from his memory. (obv having to do with redbeard). Another thing, in the memory when he falls against the railing, you see a needle, it could be because of his drug use, but what if it was a serum like what was used on the meeting? A forgetting serum? What if it was that traumatic that Mycroft had his brother's memory deleted?
I find the whole "East Wind" thing creepy as hell and i love it!
So do you think the sister did, in fact, have scars? do you think she actually hurt herself in the past? idk if she's crazy it wouldn't be a strange thing
I feel like she would be the middle sister? and it seems like she definitely picked on Sherlock one way or another

Also here's the behind the scenes of the episode: Hey guys! If anyone want's to see behind the scenes of the new episode, here it is:

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