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January 12, 2018 3:05 pm  #1

The Shape of Water

I know we often talk about films we've seen in cinemas in the Recently-watched Movies thread, but I felt like this film deserves a topic of its own if any of you also want to talk about it.

I had been interested in seeing this film since it came out and I finally got to see it this past weekend and there were a lot of things I liked it, from the fact that a lot of effects for the amphibian man weren't CGI (a look at behind the scenes stuff shows the detail that went into the makeup), the positive portrayal of female sexuality, the relationship of the story with the politics of the time the film is set in (which was also the case in Pan's Labyrinth, thought in a different way), and the two main female characters in general. I wish there were more female characters in films that were like Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer's characters in The Shape of Water. I hope one day there will be.

Speaking of the performances, I thought Sally Hawkins was just wonderful in this film. Last year I saw her in another film, Maudie, and thought she was great, so I was looking forward to seeing her in The Shape of Water. The film confirmed her skill in my mind, and I want to check out more of her roles now.

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January 21, 2018 1:01 am  #2

Re: The Shape of Water

Stopped in again to see what was new in the forum, and saw this thread (with no replies???)   I loved this movie!

I was lucky to have even caught it - I kept hearing about it before release, then the holidays happened, and it wasn't widely distributed I think, so by the time I thought to check and realized it would be gone soon, my mom and I had to go two towns over to catch it, since we both loved del Toro's other films.
Same kind of dark/strange beauitful visuals, same kind of perfect 'period' touch, everything was well shot.  I must admit it was quite more explicit than I expected, but that worked with showing everyone's desires and a desire for connection.  And perhaps part of it was simply thoughtful surprise since like you said, the movie was quite frank and open about it!

Plus, like you said, the main characters being these two strong women who didn't quite fit in with everyone else, and Sally's character being the one to also connect with the closeted gay man and the creature, I loved how they portrayed all that, tied in to the time period and politics.  Yes, the effects and Sally were amazing!

Am I the only one who was fondly recalled of 'Splash' afterwards? 
Although the only part that threw me as a bit odd (well, odder) was Sally's 'silent film' song number.  It just seemed to stick out a bit, do you think?  And wondering what happened to her poor friend afterwards.
Thanks for sharing!


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January 21, 2018 2:53 pm  #3

Re: The Shape of Water

Nice to know I wasn't the only one who saw and liked the film around here.

It wasn't in very wide release, though it was around for a while. I myself had to go downtown with my mum to see it because it wasn't in our local cinema (we made an afternoon of it, though, and saw Lady Bird after this one, which was also good).

The musical number is definitely one of the most unexpected parts of the film, but I can't say I didn't like it. At first, I was thinking "What is going on here?" but I thought it was fun. I thought it was a creative and unexpected way to show Elisa's fantasy and what she's thinking at that moment, but at the same time it does connect to her life since she watches old musicals on TV with Giles and they do their little toe-tapping routine together. And in the musical number scene, she wants to be able to sing her feelings, but she can't, she can only imagine it.
Apparently they needed to keep cooling Doug Jones down with fans during that scene because he would get hot in the creature suit.
I'm not going to lie, I kind of want to learn the choreography to that and dance it with someone from my swing dance group at school (the dance in the film is not a swing dance, but it is with a partner like swing). Not sure any of them would go for it, though.

It's true, we don't know what happens to Giles at the end (if that's who you mean by her "poor friend"), but he must have been alright if he was "around" after everything to give the narration at the beginning and end of the film. He seems to me the kind of person for whom life goes on no matter what, whatever that is, if you get what I mean.
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