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November 11, 2017 8:27 am  #1

Songs that remind me of Sherlock (but are totally unrelated)

Some friends of mine make beautiful music. Their latest album has a couple of songs that made me think of Sherlock.One of them could relate to Sherlock and Euros (or to Sherlock and John when Sherlock is high). The lyrics are in french but I asked for their permission and translated it.

Here is a link to their album. Just click on the song entitled:"Là-haut" (song number 10). And here are the lyrics in english. Enjoy! 
La vue qui donne le vertige
De mon toit
Où je contemple
Ce que je n’ai vu depuis longtemps…
Le cœur comme le ciel qui s’étend
Tout béant
Et je crierai : « Au secours! »
Dès que cessera le vent…
Qui sera celui qui me fera descendre?
Je me sens seul
Si bien, mais seul
Regarde bien cet homme là-haut
Qui se terre dans les airs
The sight that gives me vertigo
From my roof
Where I watch
What I have not seen in a very long time
My heart like the sky spreading
And I will shout : « Help! »
As soon as the wind dies out
Who will be the one to help me down?
I feel alone
Up there
So well but alone
Up there
Watch closely that man up there
Who hides in the air


November 11, 2017 2:14 pm  #2

Re: Songs that remind me of Sherlock (but are totally unrelated)

I like this idea for a thread. I can't remember for sure if we already have one or not, but I still like this idea. I might have to think about songs that I've heard that could conjure up images from Sherlock.

Anyway, I can see how the lyrics of that song would make you think of Sherlock. The first verse kind of makes me think of The Reichenbach Fall.
Clueing for looks.

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