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October 16, 2016 10:37 am  #1

master's degree - James Bond, Sherlock

Hello guys.
Recently I've finished defence of my bachelor thesis about 'The image of Sherlock Holmes in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and the film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' and got 5  

Now I need a subject for my master's degree and I have no idea what it should be.
It can be about James Bond or Sherlock Holmes as well but something new, but about something other also. I have some ideas but the problem is that there is no data (no books etc) and im stuck at choosing the topic of my master's degree. It is easy to find the subject and to write the first theoretical chapter but to write the second practical chapter without good subject is impossible.

If you have any ideas, I'm really grateful. Thanks in advance. (it's not a must to write about S.H or J.B, it can be even about the history of the internet or some translation aspects but the problem is that there is lack of material to analyze).


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October 17, 2016 2:53 pm  #2

Re: master's degree - James Bond, Sherlock

James Bond was originally a literary character, so I think you should first read the books of Ian Fleming if you want to write about Bond.

And then there are many themes on which you can center while writing James Bond, for example how he represents the Cold War Era mindset, his attitude towards women, James Bond as a heroical ideal, james Bond as the ultimate camp adventurer or James Bond as the repulsive imperialist, James Bond as a character still fresh versus James Bond as an anachronism etc., etc.


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